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Hallison Vertuan

Seeds & Traits Safety Manager

Bayer Crop Science




Area of Expertise

As an Agronomist with a Master’s degree in crop production, Hallison conducts studies to develop and assess new crop traits, herbicides, and field management practices. Taken together, the data he generates is then used to enrich Bayer’s regulatory submissions to approve new biotech traits in Brazil.

Hallison loves his work as a scientist because it provides the opportunity to contribute—even in small but significant ways—to keep humanity moving forward. As a researcher and agronomist, he is particularly inspired to develop technologies that empower farmers to produce more, more sustainably.


Education: MA in Crop Production




April, 2020

Comparing agronomic and phenotypic plant characteristics between single and stacked events in soybean, maize, and cotton

Genetically modified (GM) crops are one of the most valuable tools of modern agriculture, especially in Brazil, which is one of the largest food producers in the world. Farmers use GM Crops to combat insects and weeds which can negatively impact yield by up to 40%. This work investigates whether stacking single GM traits would have a significant impact on agronomic and phenotypic plant characteristics, how the crop grows or looks, in soybean, maize, and cotton planted from 2008 to 2017 in crop field sites in Brazil. Data analyzed over 10 years confirms that the tests previously performed on crops that contain single traits can be used to demonstrate the safety of the stacked products, which deliver significant benefits to growers and to the environment. 




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