Jens Hartmann

Head of Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Crop Science

Jens Hartmann

Jens Hartmann is a member of the Crop Science Executive Leadership Team and serves as the division’s Regional Head for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).


Based in Basel, Switzerland, Jens is prioritizing business growth focused on commercial innovation and execution, such as in the fields of climate-smart innovations, and digital, allowing him to help Bayer unlock agriculture’s great transformation across the EMEA region.  

Jens has worked in the agriculture industry for his entire career, spanning over 30 years. Prior roles include various positions in commercial and enabling functions in Europe, Asia and Africa. Most recently, Jens has served as Regional Head for CS Asia Pacific. Prior to that he was Head of IT for Crop Science and before that Head of CS Global Marketing. Jens holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Bayer AG’s Commercial Training Program. He represents Bayer as a Member of Euroseeds and at CropLife Europe, currently as CropLife Europe’s Chair.


Jens is an avid runner and loves traveling. He is married to his wife Zebiba and they have one daughter, Muna.


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