Água Fria de Goiás, Brazil

Nossa Senhora Aparecida


Sustainable Production, Generation after Generation

The Fiorese Family has a long history of production in grain crops in the Brazilian Cerrados. On 2,700 hectares soybean, corn, field beans, wheat, and sorghum are produced at Nossa Senhora Aparecida. The Fioreses believe that the key to success in farming is to implement new technologies and connect social and environmental aspects to achieve better harvests. A good harvest requires healthy soil, and the Fiorese family utilizes crop rotation and phytosanitary care to protect and enhance the soil. Combined solutions such as the adoption of transgenic seeds and the responsible use of chemical, biological and cultural crop protection methods, together with the constant monitoring of pests and diseases are important tools for achieving productivity above the national average. Special care is given to the 120 hectares of native forest within the farm that is home to many pollinator species, plants, and animals.

  • Farm name and location: Nossa Senhora Aparecida Farm - Água Fria de Goiás, Goiás, Brazil.

  • History: Founded by the Fiorese family in 1995 and managed today jointly by Oli Fiorese and his wife Edileusa Fiorese and their sons Henrique and Kaio.

  • Farm Size: 2,700 hectares.

  • Primary crops: Soybean, winter corn, field beans, wheat, and sorghum.

  • Notable partnerships: M Prado, Unigeo, HP Agroconsultoria, Consultoria João Dantas, Icrop, Aliança da Terra, Conectere Agro and Allez.

A group of men pose for a photo in a barn.
We want to produce on this same land for the next 300 years. Since 2016, we’ve been partnering with Bayer ForwardFarming on innovative solutions, technical support and cutting-edge technology. The biggest legacy of our partnership with Bayer, in addition to preserving the environment, is the transformation of all farm employees into guardians of biodiversity.
Oli Fiorese
Farm Owner

Contributing to Environmental Impact and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The Fiorese family’s search for excellence in farming has made science the ideal partner for an abundant harvest. In soybeans, INTACTA RR2 PRO™ technology combines three solutions into a single seed: productivity at an unprecedented level; glyphosate herbicide tolerance and protection against the main caterpillars that attack the crop. This allows for significantly less need for crop protection application and tilling reducing both the impact on the environment and carbon emissions.


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