With short stature corn hybrids as its anchor, this crop system has the potential to transform global corn production

The PRECEON™ Smart Corn System

Corn between the rows

Farmers are highly exposed to shifting global conditions. And those growing corn have a very specific set of challenges. That’s why we’re empowering them with a system that’s truly sustainable in every sense of the word. 

Ancient wild maize looked nothing like the corn you see in fields today. Its ears were small and produced small, hard kernels encased in tough shells. For the last 9,000 years, farmers looked at their environment, and their communities, and incrementally improved corn to fit their needs. But today, our needs are changing faster than ever. 

What the World Needs from Farmers

The job of modern agriculture can be boiled down to two equally daunting tasks. Farmers need to grow more food, while restoring more of their local ecosystems. 


When it comes to growing enough food to meet demands, they’re facing evolving, on-the-ground challenges like extreme weather events brought on by climate change, new weed and disease threats, tightening regulations, and more stringent retailer and consumer requirements.

What Farmers Need from Us

All of this means that corn farmers are looking to reshape their crop once again. But this time it isn’t just the plant that’s getting an upgrade. At Bayer, we’re reimagining the entire crop system to bring more efficiency and customization to millions of acres of corn fields around the world. 


Growers are going to continue looking to us for holistic support. That means data-driven advice, customized recommendations, and the technology they need to deploy more sustainable practices.

Introducing PRECEON™ Smart Corn System

PRECEON is a smart corn system that considers every challenge a grower faces, and offers integrated solutions, including short corn hybrids, new practices, digital decision support, and more. It’s designed to succeed at the field level – responding to the unique needs of each field to enable the best outcomes. 


Field by field, farm by farm, we’re designing a new future for corn and the people who grow it.


Preceon PAYSS

Bayer believes in PRECEON Smart Corn System and its short stature corn hybrids so fully that we are taking three R&D approaches to bring it to market. 


Our breeding approach is the furthest advanced and has already begun a targeted commercial launch with very strong response from growers. 365 growers representing >30,000 acres in Europe and the US participated in Groundbreakers trials in 2023, with over 80% of the trialed growers responding that they would plant PRECEON again. Through this targeted launch, Bayer is co-creating with farmers and partners to shape the future of the system, focusing on getting the most out of the system through management, driving higher yields, showcasing all that the system can do. 


With a global potential of more than 220 million acres, and a peak sales potential of over €1.5 billion, the PRECEON Smart Corn System will transform corn production. 


We have verified a number of potential benefits for farmers testing PRECEON on Groundbreakers, including:


  • Protection: Improved standability in high winds and challenging weather conditions.
  • Access: Extended in-season crop access with standard ground equipment.
  • Yield Potential: Optimizing crop inputs, planting densities and field placement.
  • Silage: Value expected to be seen from improved silage quality & increased tonnage.
  • Sustainability: Potential for reduced GHG emissions & opportunities for Carbon sequestration.


PAYSS is the acronym globally used to reinforce the global core benefits of PRECEON and reinforces the value proposition of the system for farmers.


The PRECEON biotech approach in partnership with BASF has advanced to Phase 4 this year and is scheduled to launch in the US in 2027 with Canada expected to follow in 2029. The biotech approach will allow short corn to be combined with a wide array of germplasm to enable broad acre application in more environments. 


The PRECEON gene editing approach in partnership with Pairwise was announced earlier in 2024 here and will allow the system to fit within diverse environments while accelerating further development. 

Less Height, More Insight

Shorter corn is sturdier and more resistant to lodging and greensnap in windy conditions. And it allows farmers easier access to their fields throughout the season. That way they can scout and apply inputs with standard tractors. Easier access also means they can delay crop treatments if needed.


But the hybrids at the center of the PRECEON™ system aren't just shorter. They’re higher performing.


A unique benefit in the European silage market is the increased feed tonnage and quality of PRECEON® to dairy cows that has shown an increased milk production of up to 2 liters of milk per cow per day, compared to conventional tall corn in initial trials conducted in Italy. If confirmed at a larger scale, this feature can bring direct downstream value not only to farmers but also dairy food producers. 


What makes this smart system truly smart is that these physical attributes are complemented by digital and human services from Bayer.


Farmers can lean on the system to optimize crop density through field-specific, digitally enabled seeding recommendations. And tailored hands-on support from Bayer representatives and seller partners give farmers knowledge and tools they need to optimize results.