Querrieu, France

EARL Mesnard


Know Better to Preserve Better

EARL Mesnard, 160 hectares in size, is located in the Picardy region of France. Known for its gothic architectural heritage, Picardy also offers an impressive agricultural diversity and productivity. Farm owner Hervé Mesnard not only dedicates his time to farming but is also a university teacher in biology at the University Institute of Technology in Amiens. He’s passionate about preserving the environment, exploring new solutions to lower carbon emissions, and raising awareness about the importance of healthy soil life for agriculture. In partnership with Bayer ForwardFarming, Hervé Mesnard set up an on-farm biodiversity learning trail, enabling visitors to discover how good agricultural practices can promote natural ecosystems. By using large-scale traps to monitor the number of insects in his soils, Hervé shows students and interested public that cultivated plots can nurture flora and fauna. Sustainable farming practices and digital farming technologies preserve soil health, limit the impact of crop protection, and optimize applications on the farm. EARL Mesnard’s goal is to pass on land that will continue to feed future generations. 


  • Farm name and location: EARL Mesnard – Querrieu, near Amiens, France.
  • History: Hervé took over from his father in 1987 and is managing the farm in third generation.
  • Farm size: 155 hectares.
  • Crops: Sugar beet, wheat, oilseed rape, potato, pasture.
  • Notable partners: Beekeeper, hunter’s association, Soil Conservation Agriculture (ACS), ORLEANS Entomology Lab, University Institute of Technology Amiens.
“Every professional wants to make progress, and decision support tools enable us to use crop protection products more efficiently. I'm also very interested in conducting environmental studies on my farm, to assess how cultivation and chemical products impact soil life. When we carried out large-scale trapping of earthworms, ground beetles and insects, I realized that we had more life in our cultivated plots than in the surrounding pastures, which have not been farmed. This reassures and enables me to promote my profession and share my knowledge about these good agricultural practices.”
Hervé Mesnard
Farm Owner

Discovering On-farm Biodiversity

As a biology teacher, Hervé Mesnard is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Being the first ForwardFarm with a dedicated biodiversity trail, the owner takes visitors on a journey from good agricultural practices to the rich biodiversity on his farm. The trail is also a communication tool to raise awareness for sustainable farming and showcase how agricultural plots preserve biodiversity. On 16 educational panels, visitors learn about the rich flora and fauna found in on-farm biodiversity inventories, displaying how farming can have a positive impact in nature conservation. On EARL Mesnard, students, professionals, and interested public also discover how agriculture and biodiversity complement each other, for example through beneficial crops or insects. In the spirit of “know better in order to preserve better”, visitors explore how EARL Mesnard promotes biodiversity with hedges and grass strips for the development of beneficials, crop rotation and efficient use of chemical products.

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