Einbeck-Erzhausen, Germany



Broadening the Horizon to Find the Right Balance

The Bohnsack family is passionate about farming sustainably. The conventionally managed Selterhof in Lower Saxony looks back on five years of organic farming. For Petra and Wilhelm Bohnsack, conscious and careful use of agricultural and environmental resources are the foundation for their farm management. The seventh-generation farmers are eager to combine their experience with effective organic methods such as currying (a form of tilling) and cutting-edge technologies like FieldView™, to create a farm that is truly prepared for the future. At Selterhof, sustainable farming starts with the cultivation planning of varied, healthy crop rotations, extends to soil-conservation tillage, and targeted plant protection. “There are weeds and pests that can be well accepted. In the right balance, insects can also be exceptionally beneficial,” says Wilhelm Bohnsack. The resourceful farmer is keen to optimize the use of chemical input on his plots by also adapting new technology to complement his integrated pest management concept. The unique combination of environmentally friendly and digital farm management practices makes Selterhof a great example of modern and sustainable agriculture.

  • Farm name and location: Selterhof - Einbeck-Erzhausen, Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • History: The farm’s history dates back to the Erzhausen monastery, which was first documented in 1547. The Bohnsack family has been. farming in Erzhausen for seven generations. The current location, a former manor, was acquired in 1933.
  • Farm size: 230 hectares.
  • Primary crops: Winter wheat, sugar beet, winter oilseed rape, and corn for renewable energy production.
  • Notable partnerships: The expertise of a whole range of players is combined to tackle the challenges of sustainable agriculture together.
The situation for agriculture is becoming increasingly difficult due to climate change. That’s why we farmers need to broaden our horizons. We can do that by considering all available tools and leveraging them adapted to the situation.
Wilhelm Bohnsack
Farm Owner

Taking a Holistic Approach to Integrated Crop Management

Wilhelm Bohnsack is enthusiastic about testing new technologies and reassessing farming routines. Naturally, sustainable farming methods and modern technologies go hand-in-hand at Selterhof. This also applies to the farm’s integrated weed management concept. Crop rotation, tillage measures and intercropping are used to minimize pressure from weeds growing among crops. The tech-savvy farmer also has an on-site weather station and uses Bayer’s FieldView™ technology as well as digital infestation forecasts to support his crop management. Former organic farmer Wilhelm Bohnsack follows the principle “as much as necessary, as little as possible” when it comes to applying chemical products. The Bayer weather app and weather station provide information to help organize his daily work in the field. Additionally, FieldView™ processes all relevant data on soil, sowing and changing conditions around Selterhof, so Wilhelm Bohnsack can calculate expected yields and provide details of the specific field’s needs. 

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