Altdorf-Aich, Germany

Wasmayr Hof


A Sustainable, Multi-use Farm for Future Generations

Located in Lower Bavaria, Wasmayr Hof is owned and operated by the Gebendorfer family, whose future-focused outlook on farming is the driving force behind the way they operate their farm. Sustainability and respect for the environment are embedded in every aspect of the farm, and for years, the farm has been using cover crops and tillage methods to minimize soil erosion and maximize water protection. From the selection of the highest quality of seeds to the use of targeted crop protection enabled by digital solutions, the Gebendorfer family is continuously living out their commitment to advancing practicable and practical sustainability activities.

  • Farm name and location: Wasmayr Hof – Altdorf, Lower Bavaria, Germany.
  • History: The farm, with first official mention in 1465, was taken over by the Gebendorfer family in 1982. Traditional dairy farming activities were given up in 2011 and in 2013, a hotel arose in the former stables.
  • Primary crops: Winter wheat, winter barley, winter canola, grain maize.
  • Notable partnerships: Collaboration with other farms, beekeepers, local agricultural trader, and weather service.
A man standing in a field of yellow flowers.
Developing and retaining our farm for future generations is our main priority. Sustainability and taking care of the environment come natural to us. That is one of the reasons why we are now running this farm as the fourth generation.
Josef Gebendorfer
Farm Owner

The Digital Age is Making Inroads at Wasmayr Hof

"Even as a part-time farmer, we attach great importance to precision," says Martin Gebendorfer. At Wasmayr Hof, two tractors and the modern crop protection sprayer are equipped with GPS and special application nozzles to reduce drift. This is the first important step toward precision agriculture. Currently, the field documentation is being digitized, a pre-requisite to implement Climate FieldViewTM, a digital tool. FieldViewTM helps growers gain a deeper understanding of their fields throughout the year and make more objective, data-based decisions that directly impact productivity. More precisely, FieldViewTM analyzes crop yield performance and provides related cropping insights quickly. This enables immediate insight into what is happening in each field. Together with the field data, the remote sensing images provided in FieldViewTM form the basis for smart decisions and future management. As a result, farms can create a customized farm management plan allowing to optimize use of resources, including fuel, fertilization and crop protection.


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