Baishan Village - near Beijing, China

Yinhuang Farm


Ecofriendliness Makes for Greener Farming

With the dream of green, ecofriendly agriculture, Aiteng Qin established Yinhuang Green Agricultural Ecological Park Co., Ltd. in Changping District, Beijing. The enterprise takes an entrepreneurial-cooperative farming approach to produce high-quality vegetables and fruits, but also passes on knowledge to smaller farmers by demonstrating new varieties and new technologies. With its high standards in agricultural production the farm plays a leading role in promoting sustainable agriculture in the Beijing metropolitan area. The cooperative approach enables neighboring farmers to enrich the vegetable supply through order-based production, and in turn improve their livelihoods.

  • Farm name and location: Yinhuang Farm - Baishan Village, Changping District, Beijing.

  • History: Established in 2008, the company has set up 70 solar greenhouses and 2 glass greenhouses. It sells its produce to supermarkets, restaurants, kindergartens and the neighborhood community.

  • Farm size: 10 hectares of greenhouse.

  • Primary crops: Fresh market tomatoes as key crop as well as strawberries, sweet pepper, lettuce, cucumber and more.

  • Notable partnerships: Beijing Plant Protection Station, Beijing Agri Technology Promotion Center, Beijing Soil and Fertilizer Station, Changping Plant Protection Station, China Agricultural University.

An asian woman standing in a greenhouse.
I like rural life on the farm and knowing that I can provide my family with healthy vegetables while running a business that supplies villages with fresh produce. From the experience we have made overcoming challenges, I now know that by refining our systems with technology and by applying the knowledge we learn about sustainable farming and safety, we can continue to demonstrate what works well with nature and get the best quality for our customers – working together in this way we can only get better and better.
Aiteng Qin
Farm Owner

Technology for Sustainable Greenhouse Growing

As Bayer’s first ForwardFarm in APAC, Yinhuang Farm embraces greener farming methods using advanced technology that works in harmony with nature. With her community spirit, and willingness to adopt new methods in the face of change, Aiteng Qin also demonstrates her resilience and inspires local farming businesses, even making a shift to e-commerce to serve her customers during the pandemic crisis. At Yinhuang, smaller, neighboring farms can experience firsthand what can be achieved with early adoption of innovation and modern, sustainable farm management practices. The consistent growing environment in Yinhuang greenhouses is achieved by using high-quality seeds and through careful monitoring of growing crops while maintaining high safety standards to apply crop protection. Aiteng also combines chemical, biological, and physical crop protection to help reduce the use of chemical products and enable better pest resistance management so she can continue to sustainably cultivate reliable, bountiful harvests of vegetables and strawberries for citizens of Beijing.


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