Feeding a Hungry Planet:

Youth Ag Summit 2021

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Our world is finite—and growing. People and our planet hunger for solutions, which is why leaders in the next generation of agriculture professionals are cultivating new ideas that will shape a more sustainable future for us all. On Nov 16–17, 2021, 100 of agriculture’s emerging leaders came together virtually with current thought leaders from around the globe for the 5th biennial Youth Ag Summit. The mission: to collectively explore the ideas, innovations and intricacies of feeding a growing global population while actively supporting our planet.

Youth Ag Summit 2021
Youth Ag Summit 2021 | Closing video

Our agenda for a more sustainable future

Running the Show | 4:00 am UTC

A big, warm welcome and a question: How can agriculture be part of the solution to feeding an ever-hungrier planet while protecting our natural resources? 

Bev Flatt, Farmer,  USA
Iyanuoluwa Olamide Aliu, Founder of My FarmBase Africa, Nigeria


Thinking on the Ground 4:15 am UTC

The world is talking about solutions to our greatest sustainability challenges. But what’s actually happening right now? What’s working? Find out from our network on the ground.

Sara Boettiger, Senior Vice President, Crop Science Division, USA [Panel Moderator]
Jess Bunchek, Plant Scientist at the Kennedy Space Center, EDEN International Space Station Greenhouse Manager, Antarctica
Rayan Kassem, West Asian Regional Director, Youth4Nature, Lebanon
Dhanush Dinesh, Head of Partnership and Outreach, CGIAR, Netherlands
Catalina Reyes Vargas, YAS Alumni 2019, Colombia


Sharing My Journey 4:50 am UTC

Tjada D’Oyen McKenna has travelled with those in crisis, helped them move forward and built secure, productive and more just communities. This is her story.

Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, CEO Mercy Corps, USA


Unleashing the Science 5:20 am UTC

From overcoming food insecurity to ensuring prosperity for millions of smallholder farmers, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, AGRA President, shows us how important science is in driving innovation and sustainability.

Dr. Agnes Kalibata, AGRA President, Rwanda


Farming, but Smarter 5:40 am UTC

After Mother Nature threatened to end a way of life, Efrén Robles, Vice President of Puerto Rico’s Frutos del Guacabo, reacted. Join us as he gives insight into what it takes to transform the sale and distribution of locally produced food.

Efrén Robles, Vice President, Frutos del Guacabo, Puerto Rico


Learning from You 6:00 am UTC

Time to hear from you about your plans to feed a hungry planet.


Delivering the Difference 6:10 am UTC

Explore how some of our alumni are making a difference through the power of YAS.

Cassie Hayward, 2017 YAS Alumnus, Canada
Fajar Sidik Abdullah Kelana, 2017 YAS Alumnus, Indonesia/Sweden
Alice Mei-Wong Dien, 2019 YAS Alumnus, France


Striving for Change 6:50 am UTC 

Big change needs to happen. But small actions can get us there. What actions will you take?



Upping the Energy 12:00 pm UTC

Wake up, step up, stand up.

Bev Flatt, Farmer, USA
Iyanuoluwa Olamide Aliu, Founder of My FarmBase Africa, Nigeria


Leading from the Front 12:10 pm UTC

Ask me anything! The particular view and personal journey of Bayer Crop Science President, Liam Condon.

Liam Condon, President of Crop Science Division, Bayer, Germany/Ireland


Making it Count 12:50 pm UTC 

Is it cash thrown at the problem or money wisely spent? And how can we work together towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

D Narain, Senior Bayer Representative and CEO of Bayer South Asia, India
Andrea Meza Murillo, Minister of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica
Mateusz Ciasnocha, 2019 YAS Alumnus, CEO of European Carbon Farmers, Poland
Peter Lupoff, Net Impact CEO, New York


Believing in You 13:30 pm UTC 

Dr. Qu Dongyu has spent his life working on how to make sure the world is fed. And he believes in you.

Dr. Qu Dongyu, Director-General, FAO, Italy/China


Acting for Impact 13:50 pm UTC

Feed the planet. Fix climate change. End poverty. We know what needs doing, but how can we actually do it?

Phil Taylor, Global Open Innovation Lead, Bayer Crop Science, US
Trent McKnight, Founder of AgriCorps, US/Ghana
Brighton Kaoma, Global Director, UN SDSN –Youth, US/ Zambia
Flor Prado Rivera, Young Professional for Agricultural  Development, Peru


Learning from You, Part II 14:30 pm UTC  
Time to hear from you about your plans to feed a hungry planet.


Starting Your NGIN 14:40 pm UTC 

Networking and partnerships have the potential to be your greatest superpower. But how do we take advantage of that and what can we co-create in a global, diversified and digital world to empower Youth? Join us as we work to start your NGIN.

Nele Herrmann Valente, Next Gen Ag Networks, Crop Science Division, Bayer, Germany


Making a Difference 14:50 pm UTC
Closing thoughts from Bayer leaders and moderators.