Important information and terms of use for advertisers using the Bayer noticeboard

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When submitting an ad, please be aware that the information will be published online without any further checking by Bayer.


Please note the following terms of use:


  • The contact information in the ad must not contain any work-related details such as user IDs/CWIDs, Bayer email addresses or other company postal addresses.
  • The entity posting the notice must not be an association or a public institution.
  • Professional providers of services and other commercial activities are not permitted to use the service.
  • Offers relating to weapons, protected animal species, illegal or disreputable offers, tickets for Bayer 04 soccer matches, donations, partner searches, parties and other events are not permitted.
  • Ads must not contain calls to political demonstrations or offer books that are on the index of prohibited works.
  • The ads will be automatically deleted after 28 days


The precise wording of an ad offering secondary employment must be agreed in advance with the employer in question before it is posted on the noticeboard.