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Be an intern. Be Bayer.

Be Bayer Internship

Do you believe that anyone who wants to be a leader in IT development and digital business models has to work for one of the Big Four (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple)? If so, the internship at Bayer IT might just surprise you. Here, you can start a learning journey by working with and learning from creative minds in a diverse and inclusive environment using groundbreaking solutions – an environment that supports Bayer’s mission “Health for all, Hunger for none”.

Bayer’s IT is a business enabler. It isn’t about more clicks, advertising sales or a better user experience, but rather increased harvest yields, more efficient deployment of resources and precision dosing. Simply put, it’s about greater sustainability in agriculture and precision medicine in health care.

Your internship learning layer

Your IT internship is embedded into an overarching umbrella to give you a consistent framework for an attractive learning journey.



An internship at Bayer IT should be an exciting and rewarding experience for you. That’s why we want to make your internship with us as attractive as possible. The job assignment you choose is based on the following principles. 


Clear focus: Your tasks and duties are made transparent and tangible for you, with a connection to the overall goal.

Challenging content: To ensure a good learning experience, the project or problem you are facing is feasible yet difficult.

Responsibility: You are responsible for your own work package and can make decisions and act independently within the appropriate framework.

Individual support: Of course, you are not alone in all this. The team in which you are assigned is ready to answer your questions, to give you inspiration or to show you what else is possible.

Mentoring: And each intern is assigned a mentor who looks after the intern's development and points out potential entry-level opportunities at Bayer.


Beyond these principles designed to structure your assigned job, we believe that it is important to offer you further development opportunities. If you decide to do an internship with us, you can see below what else we can offer you – to network and grow and to benefit you the most. Be an intern. Be Bayer.



What we offer

Bayer is an employer that transcends hype. We have a tremendous amount of data, from diverse experiments to real-world evidence. This translates into fantastic opportunities for all relevant IT areas to influence decision-making across the value chain, from bench to bedside and from lab to field. Projects include analyses of biomedical and field data to find new solutions for patients and farmers, financial analysis to detect outliers, product supply optimization, and evaluation of satellite images for digital farming to name but a few. After all, we need an extremely diverse range of solutions tailored to individual needs in health care and agriculture.

All this supports our mission "Health for all, Hunger for none".


Impactful & socially responsible challenges


Unique data assets



Empathic leadership & low hierarchy



Collaborations with companies & universities


Lifestyle & purpose driven benefits


Networking & development opportunities



Who we’re looking for

You don’t need an Ivy League degree to do an internship at Bayer, but you do need a high level of motivation and must simply love tackling challenging problems


Think big and achieve great things

Nobody solves the biggest and most exciting challenges alone. We are therefore looking for people who can make things happen together with others, are outgoing and communicative, enjoy programming, and are interested in digital farming and digital health. If you view resistance as a challenge and are able to identify problems from an abundance of information and assess possible solutions, then becoming an intern is your chance to permanently shape the digital world of Bayer and teach us as well, via reverse mentoring.


Do you want to make a change? Be an intern. Be Bayer.

Here is a selection of possible IT-internships:

  • Intern Precision Genomics Data Science Co-Op-Intern (m/f/d)
  • Intern Data Science in Digital Transformation (m/f/d)
  • Intern in Integrated Campaign Management in Customer Platform Pharma (m/f/d)
  • Intern Digital Platforms & Engineering in Enterprise Platforms & Infrastructure (m/w/d)



Meet some of our amazing colleagues 

Zaneta Circle
At Bayer, you can grow personally and develop your technical skills. A friendly environment and inspiring people around will support you in this process. Our teams are diverse, and everyone can find space for themselves. Be you and join us.
Zaneta Swiderska-Chadaj
Senior Data Scientist Digital Hub Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland