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Keep Your Skin Protected with Our Dermatology Solutions

Our trusted portfolio of leading skincare brands aims to improve people’s skin health and quality of life. Backed by strong medical science and clinical evidence, we are experts in baby and wound care (Bepanthen™) and intimate skin health (Canesten™) offering products that soothe and protect, even the most sensitive skin.






Bepanthen™ products combine gentle healing properties that protect, soothe, and help regenerate healthy new skin


The world of Bepanthen™ is all about a very special organ: the skin. Scientifically-formulated with pro-vitamin B5, a proven ingredient for skin repair known as dexpanthenol, Bepanthen™ is at the cutting edge of skin care treatment and suited for skin at every stage in life.

Bepanthen™ was introduced in Switzerland in 1944 with Bepanthen™ Ointment and is marketed today in 117 countries. Today, Bepanthen™ is still innovating and developing its range, increasingly focusing on the OTC dermatological market, with products such as skin lotion, washing lotion, and sun lotion, among many others. From the beginning, a key success factor for Bepanthen has been its strong medical competence.

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For over forty years, Canesten™ has been empowering people to treat embarrassing and discomforting skin and intimate health conditions


Alongside intimate health, Canesten™ products cater to skin and foot health, making it the best-selling OTC and intimate health brand worldwide.

In 1967, the breakthrough to active, anti-fungal substances was achieved with the synthesis of clotrimazole by the Bayer research Professor Karl Heinz Büchel. Six years later in 1973, clotrimazole was registered in Germany and launched on the market under the name Canesten™.

For intimate health, Canesten™ has developed external creams, internal applications, and oral capsules. And through a wide range of innovations they’ve extended the brand from being just a treatment into the areas of self-testing and prevention. In skin and foot health, Canesten™ products relieve symptoms associated with athlete’s foot, nail fungus and sweat rashes among many others. Today, Canesten™ is marketed in more than 100 countries across the globe.

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