Crop Protection Environmental Impact Reduction Reporting Results

Results and Progress Reviewed by External Experts


We’re using two leading externally developed scientific models (PestLCI and USEtox®) — and we’re making how we use them public.


Independent third-parties are invited to verify our work.


An external panel of experts is independently performing an assessment of how Bayer, along with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), applies the PestLCI and USEtox® models to assess crop protection environmental impact. The assessment will also review how Bayer measures performance against the environmental impact reduction commitment along with additional methodological considerations.


To ensure that the external panel can perform a full assessment of Bayer’s approach, the panel members have received access to confidential information which (for legal reasons) Bayer cannot disclose publicly. This enables the panel to verify the impact assessment methodology, understand how Bayer intends to reduce its crop protection environmental impact against the baseline and even which parts of Bayer’s portfolio the mitigation efforts need to be focused on.


This page is going to be the future home of the reports which have been reviewed by the expert panel. In a first step Bayer intends to publish a methodological report containing information on the strategic intent and why Bayer’s decided to communicate the CP EIR commitment, the selection of the PestLCI and USEtox® models, how those models have been applied by the DTU to a global crop protection application data set to generate a global crop protection environmental impact assessment, a description of the baseline and how Bayer identified its focus areas to deliver against the commitment.


Read the report here.