Bayer Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

Hall of Fame

Bayer would like to thank those security researchers and their contributions by submitting vulnerability reports to us. This Hall of Fame allows Bayer to recognize the positive impacts the security researchers have made by following Bayer’s CVD Process.

Name Medium Date
Naveen Kumawatwith November 21, 2021
Chau Minh Khanh November 3, 2021
Valeriy Shevchenko October 26, 2021
Omkar Apre   October 10, 2021
Yeshwanth October 6, 2021
Bob Diachenko  October 6, 2021
Vighnesh Gupta August 26, 2021
Riya Jindal August 16, 2021
Parth Malhotra August 16, 2021