Experts and Enthusiasts Across Bayer

Employee Innovation

Today’s world is underpinned by radical change and golden opportunities to join in make a difference.


Bayer’s Innovation Agenda – which aims to mobilize a movement of employee entrepreneurs – is rooted in providing inspiration, as well as offering opportunities to upskill on innovation, to collaborate on innovation programs and to connect to thousands of experts and enthusiasts across Bayer.

We strive to tap into our full innovation potential of more than 100,000 employees across Bayer. Innovation fuels tomorrow’s impact which is why it is critical that we enable and empower an entrepreneurial spirit across Bayer today.
Monika Lessl
Head of Corporate Innovation, R&D and Societal Engagement

Exploring More Disruptive Pathways

Innovation is also about exploring more disruptive pathways.

Innovation at Bayer has a range of horizons from incremental improvements (like enhancing Aspirin packaging) to creating breakthrough / sustainable innovations (such as our anti-coagulant Xarelto). Innovation is also about exploring more disruptive pathways (like our Leaps by Bayer program which strives to move from treating to curing 10 key fields in health and nutrition).

Bayer’s Innovation Agenda is about unleashing our full innovation potential across Bayer. This exciting Employee Entrepreneurship movement is rooted in inspiring with impact; learning methodologies; collaborating with tools and platforms; and connecting to our network of more than 800 innovation coaches. Our experts, programs and opportunities can guide a complete innovation journey from understanding the problem, to ideation-creation, testing and reducing risk of your solutions / new business models to eventually pilot and scale innovations on the market.