Promoting Scientific Progress

How We Develop Our Talents

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Scientists are the heart of innovation. Today the convergence of science and technology – combined with the potential to leverage data in new dimensions – is transforming R&D in fundamental ways.

To remain competitive and continue to create leading solutions for our customers, we invite our R&D professionals to explore cutting-edge technologies across different businesses, accelerate concrete projects, and acquire new skills. At the same time, we incentivize and reward outstanding contributions to scientific progress internally and externally.

Internal Programs

With the Bayer Science Fellows Program, we leverage our scientific experts across all Bayer divisions and R&D teams through an active and engaged community of our top scientists to lead innovation, drive collaboration, and develop scientific talents.


In addition, we enable the development of our scientists as well as entry into Bayer as an external researcher through our Life Sciences Collaboration Program by funding research projects beyond the R&D pipeline on emerging technologies and data science in R&D. 

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Bayer Foundation

Besides our internal programs, the Bayer Foundation shines a light on exceptional achievements in fundamental scientific research, highlighting outstanding young scientists with the potential to transform their fields, as well as recognizing the paradigm-shifting contributions of world-leading experts outside of Bayer. 


In honoring these exceptional people, we not only reward their past achievements, but we bring their expertise and discoveries to a diverse audience of scientists, innovators, and beyond. By sharing knowledge and expertise widely, we open the door to new collaborations, to investment in important areas of research, and ultimately, we further enhance the impact of science.


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