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The Otto Bayer Medal

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The Otto Bayer Medal recognizes the outstanding achievements of scientists at the Bayer Group. The medal is awarded for successful research contributions to new products, applications and innovative technologies.



The Otto Bayer Medal
  The Otto Bayer Medal

The History of the Medal
The Otto Bayer Medal is awarded in memory of the inventor of polyurethane chemistry and former Head of Research at Bayer AG, Professor Otto Bayer (no relation to the company founder), who died in 1982. Otto Bayer promoted intensive dialogue with higher education institutions and supported university education.


The total of 528 researchers from the Bayer Group who have received this award since 1984 will now be joined by the newly honored laureates. The Otto Bayer Medal for outstanding research has been presented for the 23rd time. It is awarded for successful research contributions to new products, applications and innovative technologies.


The Otto Bayer Medal should not be confused with the Otto Bayer Award.


Overview of Award Winners of the Otto Bayer Medal

The Otto Bayer Medal 2022 went to research teams from Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science for Vericiguat (Verquvo), Astepro, and protection against the “Billion-Dollar Bug”. The winners were honored with a ceremony in Leverkusen joined by our CEO Werner Baumann, Bayer’s Chief Transformation and Talent Officer Sarena Lin and all members of Bayer’s R&D Executive Committee. 

Otto Medal 2022

Pharmaceuticals: Vericiguat (Verquvo) 
Winners: Jens Ackerstaff; Corina Becker; Markus Follmann; Gorden Redlich; Lothar Rössig; Johannes-Peter Stasch 

Otto Medal 2022

Consumer Health: Astepro 
Winners: Cherise Adair; Amita Arya; Aditya Dinge; Greg Maher; Sangeeta Patel; Nancy Pierro

Otto Medal 2022

Crop Science: RNAi Technology to Provide Protection against “Billion-Dollar Bug” 
Winners: Gerrit Segers; Renata Bolognesi; Sergey Ivashuta; Stanislaw Flasinski; Curtis Scherder; Daniel Kendrick

The Otto Bayer Medal 2020 was awarded to three teams from the Consumer Health, Crop Science and Pharmaceuticals divisions. The commonality of the recognized innovations are their remarkable benefits for our patients and customers – in the true spirit of Science for a better life: Freer breathing for those suffering from allergies, excellent crop protection that safeguards bees and a new oncology drug that is particularly efficacious for pediatric cancer patients.

Consumer Health: Claritin-D Flute - Scientifically Validating Consumer-Meaningful Product Claims

Team: Dr. Charlene Ng, Dr. David Stevens, Donna Morella (first row, left to right) Kana Schmidt, Lissette Petry, Dr. Varsha Chavan (second row, left to right)
Crop Science: Sivanto - Modern Pest Control

Team: Alexander Nikolakis, Dr. Ralf Nauen, Dr. Robert Velten (first row, left to right) Dr. Christian Funke, Dr. Matthias Haas, Dr. Hans-Werner Rauen (second row, left to right)
Pharmaceuticals: Larotrectinib - for the Treatment of TRK Fusion Cancer

Team: Florian Hiemeyer, Dr. Nicoletta Brega, Dr. Stuart Ince (first row, left to right) Dr. Anna Shurshalina, Dr. Gert Brandl, Dr. Jens Leopold (second row, left to right)

The Otto Bayer Medal 2016 goes to research teams from Crop Science and Pharmaceuticals whose scientists researched and developed the new PodGuard oilseed rape variety and a new active ingredient.

The new oilseed rape variety PodGuard reduces harvest losses. Furthermore, the harvest becomes better protected against bad weather, for example high winds, because the pods are stronger.


Winner Team from Pharmaceuticals 2016
Kemal Malik, former Board Spokesman for Innovation (left), CEO Werner Baumann (right), former Board Member & head of the Pharmaceuticals division Dieter Weinand (second from right), together with winner team from Pharmaceuticals (from left to right): Dr. Rudolf Knauthe, Dr. Carsten Möller, Dr. Wolfgang Schwede, Dr. Christian Seitz, Dr. Andrea Wagenfeld (missing Dr. Barbara Schuett).


Otto Bayer Medal 2016
Kemal Malik, former Board Spokesman for Innovation (left), former Board Member & head of the Crop Science division (right) Liam Condon, CEO Werner Baumann (second from right), together with winner team from Crop Science (from left to right): Dr. Bart den Boer, Stewart Brandt, Benjamin Laga und Dr. Bart Lambert.

In 2014 projects from Bayer HealthCare, Bayer CropScience and MaterialScience (now Covestro) were honored. They range from an innovative drug for treating heart and kidney diseases to innovative crop protection solutions for soybeans and research on carbon dioxide as a new raw material in plastics manufacturing.


Winner Team from Healthcare 2014
Award winners from Bayer HealthCare (from left): Dr. Karl-Heinz Schlemmer, Dr. Christina Nowack, Dr. Peter Kolkhof, Dr. Sabine Gelfert-Peukert, Dr. Lars Baerfacker with Dr. Olivier Brandicourt (far left) and Kemal Malik (far right).


Winner Team from CropScience 2014
Award winners from Bayer CropScience (from left): Dr. Malcolm Faers, Dr. Konrad Kemper, Dr. Andreas Mehl, Rafael Pereira, Gottfried Stuetzer with Liam Condon (far left) and Kemal Malik (far right).


Winner Team from MaterialScience 2014
Award winners from Bayer MaterialScience (from left): Dr. Christoph Gürtler, Dr. John Hayes, Dr. Jörg Hofmann, Dr. Kai Laemmerhold, Dr. Michael Traving, Dr. Aurel Wolf with Dr. Joachim Wolff (far left) and Kemal Malik (far right).
The interdisciplinary team
from Bayer’s pharmaceutical
research unit in Finland has
made essential contributions
to improving the IUS platform.
From left: Prof. Wolfgang
Plischke, Pekka Lankinen,
Jyrki Pihlaja, Tuula Valo, Dr.
Manja Ahola, Dr. Marijn

The projects in which the 2012 winners of the Otto Bayer Medal are involved reflect the wide spectrum of research activities at Bayer. They range from innovative technologies for family planning through a resource-saving process for polymer production to a new herbicide for crops.


News release (PDF, 29 KB)

The winning researchers with former
members of the Bayer Board
of Management (center, left to
right) Dr. Marijn Dekkers,
Chairman Werner Wenning
and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang

Scientists at the Bayer Group were awarded the 2010 Otto Bayer Medal for a broad spectrum of research projects, ranging from innovative technologies for pharmaceutical research and new fungicides for plants through to a resource-saving process for plastics production.


News release (PDF, 32 KB)

Former Bayer Board of Management
member Prof. Dr. Wolfgang
Plischke (center) with winners
of the 2008 Otto Bayer

In 2008, Bayer Group scientists were awarded the Otto Bayer Medal for research projects on a wide variety of topics, ranging from innovative development candidates for cardiovascular indication to stress reduction in plants and soft-feel coatings.


News release (PDF, 53 KB)

Bayer honors its outstanding
research scientists: The
winner 2006

29 Bayer Group scientists have been honored with the Otto Bayer Medal in recognition of their outstanding achievements in seven research projects.



News release (PDF, 168 KB) 

“Successful Research Will Be
Central to Bayer’s Future
Success”: The winner 2004

“Successful and efficient research will be central to the future success of the company,” emphasized Bayer Management Board Chairman Werner Wenning at the Bayer Innovation Forum at which 16 Bayer research scientists were awarded the Otto Bayer Medal for outstanding scientific achievements.

News release (PDF, 112 KB)