Strategy & Targets

Sustainability Drives Value and Growth

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For us, sustainability means more than just corporate responsibility – it safeguards Bayer’s future growth. Sustainability is therefore an essential component of our corporate strategy, our business activities, our corporate values and the way in which we operate our businesses.


Sustainability is at the center of our corporate vision “Health for all, hunger for none” and comprises the following three core elements for all divisions:

  • Inclusive growth and value added for society and our investors
  • Reduction of our ecological footprint
  • Responsible business practices along our value chain

We Intend to Create Bold Impact

Collectively, we face an urgent and unprecedented challenge to ensure that everyone can thrive while using our planet’s resources in a sustainable way. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that humanity cannot proceed at the current level of resource consumption. It requires the world to find a new balance between producing and preserving.


As a global company with leading businesses in health and nutrition, we address major societal needs of 

  • Preserving and restoring health for an aging population
  • Securing sufficient supply of quality food for a growing population
  • While using natural resources more efficiently and responsibly


PH Health


We deploy our innovation power to develop sustainable solutions for the pressing problems of our time. For example, we have established sustainability criteria in our own research and development. Furthermore, we invest in disruptive life science technologies with our Leaps by Bayer unit and promote social innovations with our foundations.


Our innovations, products and services enable us to contribute significantly towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations:


UN SDGs on which we have the greatest impact through our business




We are committed to having a positive impact on society and the planet hand-in-hand with financial performance – guided by our purpose “Science for a better life”.


For more information please go to: Our Commitment to Sustainability | Bayer


We Set Ourselves Ambitious Measurable Targets

Our ESG targets are in line with the UN SDGs and the Science-Based Target Initiative and included in our target setting and compensation schemes.

By 2030, we want to 

  • Support 100m smallholder farmers in low-and-medium income countries (LMIC) to produce enough food to feed themselves and others, and to improve their incomes
  • Provide 100m women in LMIC with access to modern contraception which also means empowering them to exercise their rights as women, and fulfill their potential, which is critical for the socioeconomic development of their domestic national economies
  • Expand access to self-care for 100m people in underserved communities
  • Achieve gender parity at all leadership levels & targets for further diversity dimensions


Additionally, for our Pharma division we aim to 

  • Increase the availability and affordability of our products in LMIC via equitable pricing and patient affordability programs, with the ambition of reaching an additional pool of 100m patients by 2030.

As a company, we aim to

  • Achieve climate-neutrality at our own sites (incl. -42% Scope 1 and 2) and reduce emissions along the value chain (-12.3% Scope 3) by 2030
  • Have Net Zero emissions until 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement (Scope 1, 2 & 3)


In addition, we outlined specific divisional targets by 2030 of:

  • 30% lower greenhouse gas emissions produced by key crops in the main regions we serve (Crop Science)
  • 30% less environmental impact of crop protection (Crop Science)
  • Sustainable production and transition to circular options reduce, recycle, reuse, replace (Consumer Health)