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Improving Access to Better Health and Nutrition

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How is delivering vitamins to mothers-to-be in Indonesia connected to helping smallholder farmers grow diverse crops in northern Africa? How are providing family planning options in the Middle East linked to closing nutrition gaps in the United States? And how does it all connect back to better health and nutrition through healthcare?

These stories are more interconnected than you think. Because whether we’re talking about agriculture or healthcare, the largest obstacles around the globe–the ones that most affect our lives–often come down to access: who has it, who needs it, and how can we better deliver it through our vision of Health for All, Hunger for None.

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Captivating Stories of Access

We invited employees and partners to turn on their cameras and give us a glimpse into their world and their work, showing us just how they are changing lives for the better through the important work of securing better health and nutrition FOR ALL through healthcare and agriculture. Worldwide, they share a common goal: a greater need for access to health and nutrition. 

Empowering Women in Egypt with Family Planning Access
Sami Joost
Family Planning and Sustainable Development

Sami Joost is Head of Communication, Public Affairs and Sustainability in the Middle East. Through his lens and experiences, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities of offering family planning access to vulnerable communities in Egypt – the most populous country in the Middle East, with 1 birth happening every 14 seconds – one of the highest birth rates in the world. We’ll follow Sami’s travels, as he works with the United Nations Population Fund in Egypt and their ambitious “Your Right to Plan” campaign addressing these obstacles in the country. 

Empowering women through access to family planning
Aino Forsti-Smith
Improving gender equality through contraceptive choices

Aino Försti-Smith’s story begins at the Bayer Nordic site in Finland, where she serves on the country’s Board of UN Women and works to increase access to contraception and health education for millions of women. We’ll learn how Aino drew inspiration from her own life to pursue this mission of providing women with the opportunity to choose their own path in life. This all plays an integral part in Bayer’s goal to help provide 100 million women in low- and middle-income countries with access to modern contraception by 2030

Improving access to health and nutrition to vulnerable
Kelly Widdop with team in health clinic in Kenya
Delivering A Healthier Future To Kenya

Bayer’s Kelly Widdop works closely with global partner reach52 in Kenya to close the nutrient gap for so many. So, how does this intrepid team address vitamin deficiencies for vulnerable communities in this part of the world? Watch how education and cutting-edge technology from reach52 play a crucial role in Bayer’s goal of impacting 50 million people by 2030.

Expanding access to prenatal vitamins for underserved communities
Amelle Lagazi speaking to camera
Bridging the Nutrient Gap

As a physician and Director of Public Affairs, Policy and Sustainability at Bayer, Amelle Liazoghli understands that nutritional needs for women in underserved communities often go unmet, and that access to prenatal vitamins can be life-changing for their babies. Now, she’s at the forefront of a massive effort with Bayer and their partner Vitamin Angels to provide expand access to prenatal vitamins and bridge this global nutrient gap for millions of moms and their babies. 

Revolutionizing Kenyan agriculture to improve health and nutrition
Collage image with scenes from Kenya
How Science Gives Kenyan Farmers an Edge

“It’s one of the most gratifying things I can do…to give something back.” Mark Edge is Director of Partnerships, Seeds and Traits Business Development. As a self-proclaimed “small town farm kid from Iowa,” he never thought he’d one day spend a large portion of his career in Africa, helping Smallholder Farmers and underserved communities improve on their crop yields and productivity. 

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