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Traveling with a Sensitive Stomach

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It’s a known fact that clocks tick differently on holiday. And the stomach sometimes goes crazy. Flight attendant Franziska Reichel knows that feeling all too well. Fortunately, she has found a solution for finally getting her sensitive stomach under control.

There are photos that stimulate the urge to travel: A breakfast table in Sicily with a view of the Mt. Etna volcano and the Mediterranean Sea. A white lighthouse in front of blue sky and rough seas taken somewhere in northern California. Majestic deer crossing a deserted street in Canada - against a backdrop of gigantic mountains.


Franziska Reichel gets around. The 31-year-old always has a camera along with her to share her impressions with others. She works as flight attendant and blogger and has already traveled to more than forty countries.


From her base in Munich in southern Germany, she flies tens of thousands of kilometers every year. Despite this, there is one thing that Reichel shares with many travelers: when suddenly this unpleasant feeling arises in the stomach when you’re on the road. “My heart looks forward to the trip”, says Reichel. But if her stomach had the say, she should rather stay at home. “Although my stomach should be accustomed to this by now, it is sensitive to stress, heat and differences in altitude. That can really spoil a trip and also interferes with my job as a flight attendant.”


In the meantime, the woman from Munich has found a way to deal with the problems. When her stomach is exposed to stress and foreign impacts, she takes 20 drops of IberogastTM. The herbal medicine soothes the stomach and intestines – and Reichel can step onto the plane relaxed.

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A travel first-aid kit is valuable.
Bettina Vinson
Medical Affairs & Clinical Research Manager at Bayer Vital

It is not rare for stomach problems, but also colds or headaches to pop up right at the start of a vacation and when starting out on a trip. In foreign countries, unfamiliar foods or an altered circadian rhythm can then be contributors when the stomach and intestine act out. “For this reason, a well-equipped travel first-aid kit is very valuable”, says Bettina Vinson, Medical Affairs & Clinical Research Manager at Bayer Vital. “The exceptional thing about IberogastTM is that it can have a rapid and wide-ranging effect on functional gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ache, stomach cramps, flatulence, feeling of fullness, nausea and heartburn.”

This is why you often get ill at the start of a holiday

During the typical hectic workday, the body is running at peak levels. During this time, it releases the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol. Cortisol, in particular, heightens the performance of the immune system.

When the burden and stress of day-to-day work life are suddenly absent at the start of a holiday, the body lowers the level of stress hormones – and becomes more susceptible to illness.


Medicinal plant extracts that are fast-acting and well-tolerated

The valuable active substances of the medicinal plants in IberogastTM are already dissolved in the liquid solution. Thus, they don’t require any “disintegration time” in the stomach. The body can rapidly absorb them. The individual plant extracts each have their own effect, and have a mutually complementary, extensive effect in combination with one another.

Franziska Reichel relies on the herbal remedy that has been trusted for over 58 years and always has it with her whenever she travels. She wants to continue to explore many new destinations. “I love to immerse myself in foreign cultures.”


And of course, it’s understandable that a peek into the cuisine of the country is not be missed. “My motto is: enjoy the traditional cuisine in the country in which you are vacationing to the fullest”, Reichel recommends. “Because regional delicacies are the icing on the cake while on your trip, and who knows when you will get the opportunity to do this again.”


You can find all further information about IberogastTM here.

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