Aishatu Abdullahi, 38 years old, Gombe State, Nigeria

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Aishatu Abdullahi and I am from the family of six. I am the fifth child in my house, the highest level of my education is diploma. In terms of my marriage, I got married in 2007 and have four children - three girls and one boy.


Was family planning a topic that was discussed when you were growing up?

No, it wasn’t from my childhood, I got to know family planning when I got married, so I heard my mother in-law discussing about family planning and when I came to the facility, I was enlightened about family planning.


How Important do you think family planning is to you and your community?

To me, family planning is very important because it helps to reduce the economic and emotional burden to the parents.  It provides the children with adequate food, clothing, housing and educational opportunities. You have time for your husband and children and resting between childbirths.

To the community, the importance is to improve a child’s upbringing and it helps to reduce the rate of infertility and economic challenges of the community.


What does family planning mean for your life?

To me, family planning means to have control over my choice and my body, and enjoy more time with my husband and family. 


What kind of progress would you like to see in the area of family planning?

Include religious leaders in family planning campaigns, so more women can have rights to their reproductive choice.


Do you have a message or statement you would like to make for other women

My message to other women, they should take control of their reproduction and ensure good health through childbirth and spacing. They should also discuss this openly with their husbands. Caring for a family with too many unplanned children might cause problem in the society.