The Different Faces of Family Planning

Empowering Her, Health for All

In partnership with The Challenge Initiative (TCI), we are proud to share stories that illustrate the positive impact that family planning has on women and low-income communities around the world. Published monthly, these stories aim to capture the perspectives of women and their communities that benefit from TCI’s efforts and the dedicated individuals working to empower women with access to family planning.

About The Challenge Initiative (TCI) and Bayer

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) builds on the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is designed to improve access to quality family planning. Ultimately, it aims to increase informed choice for voluntary contraceptive uptake in urban poor in middle- and low-income countries. TCI has found lasting success, also due to its unique business model which prioritizes coaching and capacity strengthening efforts. These enable governments, hospitals and care centers, and individuals to implement high-impact family planning best practices. The results speak for themselves: permanent change that benefits women, families and their communities.
As a global leader in women’s health, Bayer is proud to support and partner with TCI as an important component of its strategy to empower 100 million women in low and middle-income countries with access to modern family planning by 2030. Bayer support for TCI is independent of the use of Bayer products.