Crop Science

Shaping the Future of Agriculture

Crop Field

Tailored solutions for farmers to plant, grow and protect their harvests using less land, water, and energy. 


Bayer Pakistan is dedicated to advancing agriculture by providing farmers with effective crop protection, innovative seed technologies, and digital solutions. We help farmers achieve greater productivity with less input and contribute to food security and the economy while promoting sustainable practices.

Crop protection

This portfolio offers an extensive range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and seed treatments to help farmers protect their crops and maximize yields.

Crop Protection

Seeds & Traits

We offer farmers across Pakistan seed varieties that combine the best genetics and most advanced traits. We know that every field, crop, and farmer is different. That’s why we offer farmers tailored solutions – starting with seeds and traits - designed to improve their harvests and make their jobs easier.


Sustainability: a Key Pillar of Crop Science at Bayer

We strive to promote sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment, conserve resources, and support biodiversity. We are committed to driving innovation and collaboration to address the challenges of feeding a growing population while ensuring the long-term health of the planet. Learn more

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