Supervisory Board Member

Francesco Grioli*

Francesco Grioli

Member of the Supervisory Board effective April 2022, elected until 2027

Member of the Executive Main Board of the German Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union




Memberships on other supervisory boards:

  • Continental AG**
  • Gerresheimer AG (Vice Chairman)**


*employee representative

**listed company


Curriculum Vitae

April 22, 1972 born in Kelkheim im Taunus, Germany
1989–1993 Vocational training as an energy electronics technician specializing in operating technology at Hoechst AG in Frankfurt-Höchst
1993–1997 Employment at Hoechst AG
1990–1997 Youth and trainee representative at Hoechst AG
1997–1998 Works council representative at Clariant GmbH
1998–1999 Trained as trade union secretary at IG BCE
1999–2001 Trade union secretary in the regional district of Hesse/Thuringia of IG BCE
2002–2007 Head of the Youth Department at IG BCE headquarters
2007–2009 Head of the Works Council Department at IG BCE headquarters
2009–2013 Secretary to the Executive Board in the Collective Bargaining Policy/Finance Department of IG BCE
Since 2013 Head of the Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland regional district of IG BCE
Since 2017 Member of the Executive Main Board of IG BCE