Supervisory Board Member

Sabine Schaab


Sabine Schaab*  has been the member of the Supervisory Board effective October 2017, elected until 2022 and Vice Chairwoman of the Works Council of the Elberfeld site



Curriculum Vitae

June 25, 1966 born in Wuppertal, Germany
1986-1990 Apprenticeship as a biological laboratory technician at Bayer AG
1988-1992 Youth and Trainee Representative
1990-2013 Biological laboratory technician in biological research at the Elberfeld site
since 1994 Member of the Works Council
2006 Biology degree: “BSc in molecular biology”
since 2013 Full-time member of the Works Council
since 2014 Vice Chairwoman of the Works Council at the Elberfeld site
since 2014 Member of the Central Works Council and the Economic Committee of Bayer AG



  • *employee representative