Crop Science WCA

WCA Crop Science products

Bayer WCA fungicides

A suspension concentrate for control of Botrytis cinerea on table and wine grapes as well as plant resistance stimulator for the suppression of bacterial speck in tomatoes.

Country of approval : Cote d'Ivoire

Active ingredients : Bacilius amyloliquefaciens

To be applied on brown rot (phytophtora palmivora and phytophtora megakarya)

Serenado Aso WCA

Systemic fungicide, 

A systemic suspension concentrate fungicide with mesostemic properties for the control of the diseases mentioned on the crops listed.

Countries of approval : Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Inter-State Drought Control Committee for the Sahel

Active ingredients :

  • Tebuconazole (triazole) 200 g/l
  • Trifloxystrobin (strobilurin) 100 g/l


To be applied on Alternaria, Rust, Powdery mildew and Fusarium

Nativo west central Africa

Bayer WCA insecticides

Insecticide to control armyworms in maize

Country of registration: Ivory Coast

Active ingredients: 240g/1 Flubendiamide + 240 g/1 Thiaclopride

Formulation: SC (Suspension Concentrate) 
Chemical family: Triazole and strobilurin 
Mode of action: Belt® Expert 480 SC acts by contact and ingestion via systemic activity.


Advantages :

  • Dual-action product
  • Highly effective control of armyworm on corn crops
Belt BT

Systemic insecticide for cocoa

Countries of registration: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon

Active ingredients: Flupyradifurone (75g/L) + Deltamethrin (10 g/L)

Apply to mirids (Sahlbergella singularis), bugs (Palomena Prasina), stem borers (Eulophonotus myrmeleon).

Sivanto energy

Contact and stomach insecticide formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate, for control of various insect pests on crops as indicated.

Countries of registration: Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, CILSS, Ghana

Active ingredients: Deltamethrin (100 g/L)

For use on defoliating caterpillars, phyllophagous beetles, midges, defoliating noctuid moths, flea beetles, thrips and leafhoppers.

Decis forte West Central Africa

Systemic insecticide to control the parasitic complex of vegetable crops

Active ingredients : Spirotetramat (75 g/L) + Flubendiamide (100 g/L)

To be applied on caterpillars, aphids and white flies

Tihan West Central Africa

Insecticide to control the armyworm

Countries of approval : CILSS, Cote d'Ivoire (planned for 2022)

Active ingredients : 240 g/l Flubendiamide + 240 g/l Thiacloprid

Target : Armyworm or Spodoptera frugiperda




Fame expert WCA

Bayer WCA Nematicides

A suspension concentrate nematicide and fungicide for the control of nematodes in citrus, potatoes, tobacco and tomatoes as well as early blight (Alternaria solani) in potatoes


Country of approval : Cote d'Ivoire 

Active ingredients : Fluopyram (400 g/l)

To be applied on Meloidogyne sp. Pratylenchus sp., Globodera sp., Ditylenchus sp., Trichodorus sp.

Velum West Central Africa

Bayer WCA herbicides

Post-emergence herbicide with broad spectrum activity, not persistent in the soil

Active ingredients : Acid glyphosate 360 g/L

Targets : Imperata, Paspalum, Digitaria, Pennisetum, various dicotyledons, annuals, Cyperus, Setaria, Pueraria (round limitation), Cynodon dactylon, Old canes

Benefits : 

  • Effectiveness recognized worldwide 
  • Control of most weeds 
  • Optimal absorption of the product
Roundup West central Africa

Post-emergence herbicide with broad spectrum activity, not persistent in the soil

Active ingredients : 450 g/L glyphosate (551 g/L potassium salt) 

Targets : Weeds in perennial crop plantations, Weed killer

Benefits : 

  • More concentrated for more power 
  • New Transorb™ technology, optimized action at the roots
  • Flexibility of use
Roundup 450 turbo SL

Pre-emergent herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in corn

Countries of approval : Inter-State Drought Control Committee for the Sahel, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana (Lagon 575 SC), Cote d'Ivoire (Merlin Combi 575 SC)

Active ingredients : Isoxaflutole (75 g/L) + Aclonifen (500 g/L)

Target: Annual weeds (grasses & broadleaf weeds)



Merlin Combi and Lagon WCA

Monsoon® active is a new post-emergence herbicide for corn. It controls emerging annual and perennial grasses and many broadleaf weeds through soil absorption.

Countries of approval : Cote d’Ivoire (2021), countries of Inter-State Drought Control Committee for the Sahel (2022)


Active ingredients : 

• Foramsulfuron-sodium = foliar herbicide for grass control

• Thiencarbazone-methyl = foliar and residual herbicide for grass and broadleaf control

• Cyprosulfamide = plant protector active on the leaves


Benefits :

  • High level of control on a wide range of broadleaf and grassy weeds.
  • Flexible in use; application up to 21 days after seeding
  • OD formulation for optimal product performance


Targets: dicotyledons and annual plants

Monsoon WCA

Bayer WCA seeds

The yield of a maize field depends on several factors (choice of seed and other inputs, management of the technical itinerary, agro-climatic conditions). The quality of the seed is a determining factor for a good yield.


What is a hybrid seed?

A hybrid seed is the result of a cross between two lines. These two lines may have been selected for several reasons:

- Good yield capacity. Good regularity of yield.

- Good quality of the stem and the root, which limits the disastrous phenomenon of the lodging; and its consequences (appearance of aflatoxins for the plants lying on the ground).

- Good grain quality (rich in various minerals)

- Good behavior in front of the hydric stress (able to optimize the contributions in water).

- Flexibility in the choice of cycle (early, late or intermediate)


Démonstration de la vigueur hybride
Démonstration de la vigueur hybride

The hybrid resulting from the crossing between two lines gives the phenomenon of HYBRID VIGOR.


Dekalb Seeds

ID Card 

Variety approved by ECOWAS

Target area: tropical climate

Water requirement/rainfall: 600 mm

Dekalb 818 WCA





Characteristics of the plant

Flowering: 60 days after sowing

Plant height: 167 cm

Cycle length: MR* = 120 days

*Relative maturity

Height of the ear: 82 cm


Yield potential

High yield potential, up to 10 tons/ha

Good grain quality



Variété DK818

A solid plant

One plant = one large spike



- Good stem strength

- Very good tolerance to leaf and ear diseases

ID Card

Variety approved by ECOWAS

Target zone: tropical climate

Water requirement/ rainfall: 500 mm



Characteristics of the plant

Flowering: 55-67 days after sowing

Plant height: 180-186 cm

Cycle length: RM* = 110-120 days

Height of the ear: 82 cm


Yield potential

High yield potential, up to 10 tons/ha

Good grain quality




A solid plant

One plant = one large spike



- Very good resistance to lodging / good stem strength

- Good tolerance to leaf diseases