Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Financial News Conference on the Full Year 2023 Results

Bayer aims to enhance performance and regain strategic flexibility by 2026 – adjusted guidance for 2023 achieved
  • Anderson: Bayer to strengthen Pharmaceuticals pipeline, address litigation, reduce debt and radically overhaul operating model
  • Dynamic Shared Ownership to deliver growth through customer centricity and innovation speed as well as annual savings of two billion euros from 2026 
  • Structural changes remain an option, but “not now” 
  • Fiscal 2023: Group sales at 47.637 billion euros (Fx & portfolio adj. minus 1.2 percent), currency headwinds of around 2 billion euros 
  • EBITDA before special items falls to 11.706 billion euros (minus 13.4 percent) 
  • Core earnings per share at 6.39 euros (minus 19.5 percent)
  • Free cash flow at 1.311 billion euros, net financial debt rises to 34.498 billion euros 
  • Outlook for 2024: sales roughly level year on year (Fx & portfolio adj.), currency-adjusted EBITDA before special items and core earnings per share to decline