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Bayer Neonicotinoid Report

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Neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides that growers have relied on since the 1990s to protect their crops from pests. They are used around the world in seed coatings and in foliar applications. Some years after their introduction, there were reports about incidents where the use of neonicotinoid products was associated with negative effects on bees. As a consequence, Bayer adopted additional comprehensive stewardship and risk mitigation measures to ensure the safe use of neonicotinoid products.

To ensure transparency for our key stakeholders and the broader public, Bayer created an annual report describing our stewardship and risk mitigation measures for neonicotinoids. The report underscores our commitment to safety of our products.

Read the full 2024 report:

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Appendices Bayer Neonicotinoid Report 2024 (6.79 MB)

  • I: Bayer neonicotinoid risk management proposal (2009)
  • II: Descriptions of risk mitigation measures for seed treatment
  • III: Admire PRO label highlighting specific precautions to protect bees
  • IV: Annual Report (2023) Healthy Hives LATAM / Salud Apicola
  • V: Monitoring bee poisoning incidents in the UK (2016)
  • VI: Monitoring bee poisoning incidents in the EU (2009)