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Dr. Laura McConnell

University and Science Society Engagement Lead

Regulatory Scientific Affairs

North America 



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Dr. McConnell is a chemist and environmental science expert.  Inspired by her constant curiosity about the world, she works to bring scientists together across universities, companies and government agencies to collectively advance the science of agriculture. In her work and research, she finds that the best scientists also tend to be the most creative—and endeavors to incorporate that insight into developing a better understanding of our world and how it works. In particular, she is seeking solutions to help protect agricultural soils and waterways while also generating the food needed to feed our population.  

Science is an endless journey—and that is always exciting.
Dr. Laura McConnell
University and Science Society Engagement Lead

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of South Carolina, B.S. in Chemistry from College of Charleston


Affiliations: American Chemical Society, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, ACS Agricultural Science and Technology Journal



May 2019

Overcoming Challenges of Incorporating Higher Tier Data in Ecological Risk Assessments and Risk Management of Pesticides in the United States: Findings and Recommendations from the 2017 Workshop on Regulation and Innovation in Agriculture


This paper summarizes the findings and recommendations from a workshop alongside university scientists, government regulators, farmers, and chemical industry representatives.  The topic of the workshop centered on how government regulators can use more realistic approaches towards pesticide regulation based on the best available science.




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