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Ortego_PaddingRightDr. Lisa Ortego

Senior Principal Scientist

Regulatory Environmental Safety




Area of Expertise

Building on her PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Lisa’s specific role and expertise at Bayer is to research ecotoxicology and risk assessment.

Lisa is particularly motivated by the saying, "Bring furious purpose." As a passionate life-long learner, she loves that science offers a bridge to connect with people and a daily challenge to keep things interesting. One of the things she enjoys most about working at Bayer is the endless variety of fascinating people and scientific innovations to explore.


Education: PhD in Pharmacology/Toxicology University of Mississippi


Affiliations: Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; American Board of Toxicology and president of SETAC North America at the end of 2021, Endocrine Policy Forum (industry task force), CropLife America’s Environmental Science and Policy Steering Group, CropLife International’s Endocrine Issue Team.




May, 2021

The Extended Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay: A Thyroid-Specific and Less Animal-Intensive Alternative to the Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay


As a part of the EPA’s testing requirements to ensure the safety of chemistries (including pesticides), this work examines changes to the thyroid within frogs during their metamorphosis. In this study, the team identified changes that could be made to an existing frog test method, the amphibian metamorphosis assay, that improved the way in which the data were collected and analyzed. By slightly prolonging the study timing, the team was able to collect more information closer to the frog’s metamorphosis stage. This improved method uses fewer animals than the longer test method previously used (the larval amphibian growth and development assay) and may reduce the need for additional frog testing for thyroid effects.




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Scientific integrity issues in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: Improving research reproducibility, credibility, and transparency

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