Saint Priest, near Lyon France

EARL des Bruyères

Generations of Sustainable Agriculture

Situated in the fertile Rhône Valley just outside of Lyon, EARL des Bruyères has been a family farm for many generations. Located on 425 hectares of land, much of which is dedicated to corn production, the farmers use integrated crop management to maximize yield and quality while minimizing environmental impact.


Digital tools like section control and GPS help improve the effectiveness of seeding, fertilizer use, and spraying on the farm. In addition to driving efficiencies with resource use the farm also puts strong efforts into environmental care such as setting up flowering strips and bee hotels that nurture and protect valuable pollinators throughout the seasons.


  • Location: Saint-Priest, near Lyon, France

  • History: A family farm for several generations, EARL des Bruyères was expanded in 2009 and is owned by Stéphane Peillet and Laurent Bernoux.

  • Farm size: 425 hectares

  • Crops: Corn, barley, wheat, rapeseed, sunflowers, and pasture

  • Soil: Clay loam, containing 30% stone

  • Partners: Local Hunters Federation, beekeepers, Entreprise Berthoud, Université d‘Orléans Laboratory of Entomology

Just as our farm has seen growth thanks to the variety of crops we harvest, the diverse practices we implement on the farm ensure we are respecting the environment and our community. From digital tools, to natural wastewater purification, to partnerships with local beekeepers, we are able to demonstrate how these elements can work together.
Stéphane Peillet
Owner of EARL des Bruyères along with Laurent Bernoux

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