Beware of Counterfeits

Bayer’s Commitment against Counterfeit Drugs

Bayer has started its “Beware of Counterfeits” campaign to target the issue of counterfeited medicines. A close cooperation with national and international authorities devoted to this problem contributes to its success.

The company’s commitment is made up of different cross-functional measures which are all brought together under one roof. This way, Bayer protects both patients and products.

Investigational Measures

In close coordination with public authorities, Bayer investigates specific cases and gathers relevant evidence.

Legal Measures

If one or several perpetrators are identified, all possible actions by criminal or civil law are taken to bring them to justice – this is part of the “zero tolerance” policy.

Security Features

To protect products from being counterfeited, Bayer uses different technical methods. These features help patients recognize an original product – similar to bank notes.

Cooperation with Authorities

Without the combined efforts of the customs or criminal investigation departments, the company could not effectively go against counterfeiters. This cooperation is an important component of the cross-functional management at Bayer.

Educational Work

You, as patient, benefit from the profound knowledge at Bayer: The different awareness campaigns – be it an information event or different product brochures and flyers – help you to avoid counterfeit medicines as good as possible.