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Cutting Edge Self Care Solutions for all


A growing number of people are using self-care products to prevent or treat common ailments as well as support healthy nutrition. Our purpose is to empower the transformation of everyday health, giving consumers access to high-quality and affordable products in line with our vision Health for All, Hunger for None. Our ambition is to deliver on our purpose and in turn, drive penetration in our core portfolio through the continent. 

We put the consumer at the heart of all our business decisions and are committed to developing insight-led, innovative campaigns that help us inform, educate and excite.


Bayer not only provides products but also resources and knowledge about how to improve everyday health. We provide helpful information and learning tools to support appropriate self-diagnosis and self-treatment. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional when making health-related decisions.

We believe when people have the power to care for themselves, they live better lives, and healthcare systems around the world become more sustainable. 

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