Update on COVID-19


A doctor holding a pill in his hands.

We continue to implement the necessary measures to ensure business continuity in our operations during these challenging times. Safely delivering a sustainable supply of products and services to hospitals, doctors, patients, consumers and farmers is a top priority.


Our Commitment to Business Continuity

  • We’re working at full steam so that we can safely provide patients, consumers and farmers with the products they urgently need at this time.

  • Our organization and in particular our production facilities in the countries most affected by the corona outbreak are working largely according to plan.

  • We continue to ensure safe operations at every site. For essential personnel that are working at our sites, we have introduced and strengthened measures to increase hygienic levels and social distancing in order to protect our employees and safeguard production. When and where possible, we are beginning to return to standard operations in a gradual and differentiated manner that enables us to quickly retighten restrictions if needed.

  • We continue to monitor the situation, and the emergency response plans we have prepared for all sites will be implemented as necessary to ensure our facilities continue to operate safely and effectively for as long as possible.

  • We are putting a special emphasis on logistics. With more and more countries with closed borders, causing long traffic jams and limiting air and ocean freight capacity, we are working closely with our logistics partners and industry peers to secure supply for our customers across the globe.


Protecting Our Product Supply




We put measures in place to protect our product supply, thereby ensuring that patients and consumers will continue to receive any essential medication they need.

  • Our general inventory policy includes buffers for our sourced material. We continuously and closely monitor the situation worldwide.

  • We set up a global crisis team as well as local teams to secure production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and our sourcing colleagues are in regular contact with suppliers and freight forwarders.

  • We remain well-prepared in response to the increased consumer demand for our over-the-counter products, especially in the cough & cold, allergy and nutritionals categories, but urge consumers not to buy beyond their needs as hoarding may impact availability at the shelf.


Our focus is to ensure agriculture operations continue uninterrupted, so this health crisis does not become a hunger crisis

  • We have measures in place to maintain the timely sourcing and transport of our essential seeds, chemistries and services to help ensure farmers globally can produce the high-quality harvests we all rely on.

  • We remain able to successfully deliver seeds and crop protection to farmers globally and are committed to keeping our partners and customers informed of product availability and any changes that may come in the days or weeks to follow.

  • We continue to work to ensure agriculture operations are designated as essential so that global markets stay open to enable trade to continue to flow and ensure agriculture can continue to operate effectively.