Our Commitment

Our Contribution to Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. Bayer is helping worldwide in the fight against the coronavirus with donations, products and expertise in the areas of health and nutrition. Read the latest news about our activities here.

Shouldering responsibility during the crisis

Right from the start of the pandemic, we’ve been helping in many ways. We donated money, medicines, protective equipment and medical appliances worth €29 million in more than 60 countries. On top of that, we’ve helped by providing additional testing capacities. And at Group headquarters in Leverkusen, we’ve made our cultural events venue available as a COVID-19 vaccination center. 


We managed to keep the company running successfully despite this major crisis, and continue providing farmers, patients and consumers with urgently needed and in some cases life-saving products. At the same time we succeeded in protecting our workforce and minimizing the number of COVID-19 infections in the company.

I’ve been very impressed by the commitment our employees have shown in making all this possible. And I would like to sincerely thank them all. For me, that commitment once again underlines what a great company Bayer is.
Werner Baumann
CEO of Bayer AG

We believe that COVID-19 vaccines are an essential part of the solution in fighting this pandemic. It is medically strongly recommended to receive and complete the vaccination to acquire its maximum protection.


As a responsible employer, we would like to provide vaccine access to all our employees in a timely manner, while always respecting the local national regulations. We also support establishing on-site vaccination programs wherever feasible and possible. Vaccinating ourselves protects us, our families and the society.