Contacting the Bayer Customer/Financial Services Teams

Privacy Information for Customers in Health Care

Dear Customer,

Bayer values your privacy! This website informs you about how Bayer handles your personal data in the context of customer service activities.

If you contact our customer/financial service teams in Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health by phone, e-mail, fax or letter, it is necessary for us to process your personal data.

The Bayer legal entity of which you are a customer is responsible for handling your personal data.

In the following link we provide a general overview (in English) of the data privacy requirements that apply to our customer service activities.

For general data privacy information of Bayer, please visit including links to further websites with additional data privacy information.

Following below, we provide data privacy information in various languages which have been provided by a representative Bayer entity of each country listed, on behalf of further Bayer entities of that country. In addition to the points related to our customer service activities in general, this privacy information may also include additional local particularities, applicable if you are a Bayer customer in that country.


Local data privacy statement for customer service activities

If you are a customer in a country that is not listed on this website, respective privacy information is provided on the dedicated Bayer websites of these countries.


Albania (PDF 169.23 KB)


Australia, English (PDF 104.6 KB)


Austria, German (PDF 176.07 KB)


Belgium, Dutch (PDF 205.55 KB)


Belgium, French (PDF 148.35 KB)


Bosnia & Herzegovina (PDF 169.23 KB)
China, Chinese (PDF 180.59 KB)


Colombia, Spanish (PDF 97.5 KB)


Costa Rica, Spanish (PDF 96.39 KB)


Croatia (PDF 206.07 KB)


Czech Republic, Czech (PDF 203.33 KB)


Denmark, Danish (PDF 216.19 KB)


Ecuador, Spanish (PDF 135.1 KB)


Egypt, Arabic (PDF 162.19 KB)


Finland, Finnish (PDF 205.83 KB)


France, French (PDF 155.22 KB)


Germany, German (PDF 239.26 KB)


Greece, Greek (PDF 320.74 KB)


Greece, English (PDF 269.8 KB)


Guatemala, Spanish (PDF 96.43 KB)


Hong Kong, Chinese (PDF 790.02 KB)


Hong Kong, English (PDF 215.32 KB)


Hungary, Hungarian (PDF 156.33 KB)


Indonesia, Bahasa (PDF 196.42 KB)


Indonesia, English (PDF 214.71 KB)


Ireland, English (PDF 104.76 KB)


Italy, Italian (PDF 164.36 KB)


Korea, Korean (PDF 340.95 KB)


Kosovo (PDF 169.23 KB)


Lithuania, Lithuanian (PDF 292.88 KB)


Macedonia (PDF 169.23 KB)


Mexico, Spanish (PDF 76.46 KB)


Middle East FZI, English (PDF 204.7 KB)


Montenegro (PDF 169.23 KB)


Netherlands, Dutch (PDF 178.2 KB)


New Zealand, English (PDF 104.57 KB)


Norway, Norwegian (PDF 273.06 KB)


Panama, English (PDF 114.74 KB)


Panama, Spanish (PDF 96.26 KB)


Peru, Spanish (PDF 135.16 KB)


Philippines, English (PDF 214.43 KB)


Poland, Polish (PDF 211.81 KB)


Portugal, Portuguese (PDF 198.47 KB)


Saudi Arabia (KSA), Arabic (PDF 162.79 KB)


Serbia (PDF 223.46 KB)


Singapore, English (PDF 177.51 KB)


South Africa, English (PDF 234.46 KB)


Slovenia - Slovenian (PDF 196.77 KB)


Spain, Spanish (PDF 185.28 KB)


Sweden, Swedish (PDF 229.09 KB)


Taiwan, Taiwanese (PDF 353.7 KB)


Türkiye, Turkish (PDF 319.36 KB)



UK, English (PDF 178.06 KB)