Contacting the Bayer Customer/Financial Services Teams

Privacy Information for Customers in Health Care

Via the following links we provide you with information for your country on how we handle your personal data when you are contacting our customer/financial service teams in Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health per phone, e-mail, fax or letter:


Australia, English (PDF 53.67 KB)


Belgium, Dutch (PDF 53.24 KB)


Belgium, French (PDF 55.29 KB)
China, Chinese (PDF 377.16 KB)


Columbia, Spanish (PDF 178.62 KB)


Czech Republic, Czech (PDF 124.89 KB)


Egypt, Arabic (PDF 161.37 KB)


France, French (PDF 262.93 KB)


Germany, German (PDF 528.3 KB)


Hungary, Hungarian (PDF 122.67 KB)


Indonesia, English (PDF 226.08 KB)


Ireland, English (PDF 49.48 KB)


Italy, Italian (PDF 121.96 KB)


Malaysia, English (PDF 684.71 KB)


Netherlands, Dutch (PDF 53.55 KB)


New Zealand, English (PDF 53.35 KB)


Poland, Polish (PDF 128.08 KB)


Portugal, Portuguese (PDF 221.43 KB)


Saudi Arabia (KSA), Arabic (PDF 161.37 KB)


Singapore, English (PDF 689.68 KB)


Slovakia, Czech (PDF 126.31 KB)


Spain, Spanish (PDF 217.84 KB)



UK, English (PDF 49.33 KB)