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This document contains the relevant provisions which are to be made part of the Facebook Channel as ‘Data Privacy Statement’ and ‘Imprint’


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Data Privacy Statement

This Facebook social media channel (hereinafter the “Social Media Channel“) from Corporate Communications is provided by Bayer AG (hereinafter “us” or “we”). For further information regarding the provider of the Social Media Channel, please refer to our imprint.


A. Handling of personal data

In the following we wish to provide you with information on how we handle your personal data when you use our Social Media Channel. Unless otherwise indicated in the following chapters, the legal basis for the handling of your personal data results from the fact that such handling is required to make available the functionalities of the Social Media Channel requested by you (Art. 6(1)(b) General Data Protection Regulation).


I. Using our Social Media Channel

1. Using comment-, message- or chat-functions

You can contact us directly via the comment-, message- or chat-functions available on our Social Media Channel. The information provided by you in this context will exclusively be processed for purposes of responding to you, unless other purposes are indicated in this Privacy Statement.


2. Information on side effects and quality complaints

This Social Media Channel is not intended or designed for communications regarding undesired side effects, lack of therapeutic effect, medication errors, grey market products/counterfeit medicine, incorrect or off-label use, quality complaints and/or other issues regarding the safeness or quality of Bayer products. If you wish to report side effects or make a quality complaint, please contact your health care professional (e.g. physician or your pharmacist), your local health authority, or use our website for the report of undesirable side effects.


If you nevertheless report to us undesirable side effects or other issues regarding the safeness or quality of Bayer products, we will be legally bound to deal with your communication and may have to may contact you for clarification purposes. Subsequently, we have to notify the competent health authorities of the issues reported by you. In this context, your information may be forwarded in pseudonymised form, i.e. no information by which you may be directly identified will be passed on. We may also have to forward these pseudonymised notifications to our group companies and cooperation partners, to the extent these are likewise obliged to notify their respectively competent health authorities.


3. Using a like-button function

Anyone who clicks the "Like" button sends information to the platform provider, who again provides us with information about the average age structure, place of residence, gender, language and activity of all users who used a “Like” button function with regard to our Social Media Channel. In addition we receive the self-selected user name when clicking a “Like” button. For more details on the data the platform provider collects in this regard, please consult the below (D) referenced privacy statement of the platform provider.


4. Using a “Share” or “Like” button and Social plugins

We link on this website to our presence in social networks or set social plugins such as "Share" or "Like" buttons. When you access our website, no data is transmitted to the operator of the respective social network, but only when you actively follow the link to our profile on the respective social network or click on the social plugin.


The following categories of data are processed by the respective social network:
•    IP address
•    Date, time 
•    Visited website


If you are logged in to your user account on a social network when you access our profile page, the operator of the social network may be able to assign the information collected during your visit to your personal account.


If you interact via a "Share" or "Like" button of the respective network, this information can also be assigned to the user's personal account and published if necessary.


If you want to avoid that the collected information can be directly assigned to your user account, you have to log out of the respective social network before accessing our profile page or using the social plugin.


You can also configure the user account on the respective social network accordingly.


If you access our profile page on a social network, the operator of the social network can also set cookies on your end device, regardless of whether you have an account with the network or whether you are logged in there. Cookies are data packets that mark the user's end devices with a specific identifier. Cookies are set primarily to enable us to display personalized advertising to visitors to social networks, including our profile pages. This is done, for example, by showing the user ads on social network pages from social network advertising partners whose websites the user had previously visited. Cookies also enable us to compile statistics on the use of our profile page (e.g. number of page views, user categories). If we receive such statistical analyses from the operator of the social network, the data is previously anonymised by the operator, i.e. it is not possible for us to assign usage data to an individual user.


The purpose of processing your data on our profile page with the respective social network is to inform you about our offers and services and to answer any enquiries on our profile page. The legal basis for the processing is Art. 6 par. 1 lit. f GDPR. In this respect, public relations work is covered by our legitimate interests within the meaning of the provision. If you use a social plugin integrated by us, the legal basis is your consent according to Art. 6 par. 1 lit. a GDPR.


We have no influence on which data is collected and transmitted by the social network operator, to which third party recipients a transmission by the social network operator takes place and how long the data is stored by the social network operator. For this we refer to the privacy policy of the respective social network.


We reserve the right to delete illegal content published by users on our profile page on the respective social network, e.g. copyright infringements or statements relevant under criminal law.


In accordance with the case law of the European Court of Justice, we are jointly responsible with the operator of the respective social network for the operation of our profile page or the social plugin with regard to compliance with data protection regulations. Within this framework, the operator of the social network provides the corresponding IT infrastructure as well as the social network website and is basically the primary contact person when it comes to processing your data on the social network pages (e.g. information or deletion). However, you can also assert your legal rights against us. In this case we will forward your requests to the operator of the social network.


With US providers (Instagram), data is transferred to the USA. These providers oblige recipients outside the EU/EEA to comply with an appropriate data protection standard on the basis of so-called EU standard contract clauses. In addition, transfers to a third country may also take place on the basis of the recognition of an adequate level of data protection by the European Commission.


We include the following social networks on our website by linking to them:


Provider: Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 D02 X525, Ireland


II. Social Media Management Tool

We use a social media management tool to administrate our account and manage the content we share on our Social Media Channel as well as our visitors’ engagement with us (Art. 6(1)(f) General Data Protection Regulation). For this purpose, any of your engagements with our Social Media Channel (e.g. comments, likes, posts, messages) will be transferred and stored in our social media management tool.


The social media management tool allows us to analyse the overall engagement of our visitors with our Social Media Channel to e.g.


  • determine most active visitors;
  • determine sentiment via automated and manual scoring;
  • identify and profile brand advocates and key influencers;
  • filter messages to identify and delete spam
  • analyse our stakeholders into segments.


We keep a record of your engagement with us for as long as you keep regularly engaging with us. We delete your record of engagement if you have not engaged with us for more than 2 years.


III. Social Media Listening

We conduct so called social media listening. Social media listening is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on social media channels. We use social media listening services exclusively on publicly accessible content to


  • perform keyword searches across social media channels;
  • view the volume of conversation whenever users interact with our brand;
  • view visual analytic displays of conversation trends over a specified time range;
  • search, filter and analyse conversation streams and
  • monitor publicly available opinions, statements or other interactions on social media channels from certain individuals or entities that are important for us and our business (so called thought leaders).


We use the insights we receive from social media listening to


  • better understand sentiment, intent, mood and market trends as well as to better understand our customers’ or other stakeholders’ needs and thereby improve our services and products and
  • identify side effects, lack of therapeutic effect, medication errors, grey market products/counterfeit medicine, incorrect or off-label use, quality complaints and/or other issues regarding the safety or quality of our products


We perform social media listening on the legal basis of the statutory permission which allows a processing that is necessary for pursuing a legitimate interest, namely the above described purposes on what we use the insights of social media listening for (Art. 6(1)(f) General Data Protection Regulation).


IV. Transfer of data for commissioned processing

For the administration of our Social Media Channel we will use specialised service contractors, who will have access to the personal data of all users contacting us via such Social Media Channel. Such service contractors are carefully selected and regularly monitored by us. Based on respective data processor agreements, they will only process personal data upon our instruction and strictly in accordance with our directives.


V. Processing of data outside the EU / the EEA

Your data will in part also be processed in countries outside the European Union (“EU”) or the European Economic Area (“EEA”), which generally have a lower data protection level than European countries. In such cases, we will ensure that a sufficient level of protection is provided for your data, e.g. by concluding specific agreements with our contractual partners (copy available on request), or we will ask for your explicit consent to such processing.


B. Information regarding your rights

The following rights are in general available to you according to applicable data privacy laws:


  • Right of information about your personal data stored by us;
  • Right to request the correction, deletion or restricted processing of your personal data;
  • Right to object to a processing for reasons of our own legitimate interest, public interest, or profiling, unless we are able to proof that compelling, warranted reasons superseding your interests, rights and freedom exist, or that such processing is done for purposes of the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims;
  • Right to data portability;
  • Right to file a complaint with a data protection authority;
  • You may at any time with future effect revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data. For further information please refer to the chapters above describing the processing of data based on your consent.


If you wish to exercise your rights, please address your request to the contact indicated below. (-> C.).


C. Contact

For any questions you may have with respect to data protection, please send us a private message via the message function on our Social Media Channel or contact our company data protection officer at the following address:


Group Data Protection Officer
Bayer AG
51368 Leverkusen


D. Processing of personal data by the platform provider

Please note that the platform provider of this Social Media Channel will also process your personal data when you visit our Social Media Channel. For further information, please consult the privacy statement of the platform provider of this Social Media Channel.


E. Amendment of this Privacy Statement

We may update our Privacy Statement from time to time. Updates of our Privacy Statement will be published on our Social Media Channel. Any amendments become effective upon publication on our Social Media Channel. We therefore recommend that you regularly visit the Social Media Channel to keep yourself informed on possible updates.



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