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Fields of Opportunity - Crop Science Showcase

Crop Science Field Technology Showcase

August 2022


On August 11, 2022, Bayer is hosted a Field Technology Showcase for Investors at its Jerseyville Agronomy Center. This event offered the opportunity to experience full system demonstrations of the company’s latest technologies live in the field, guided by its top technical experts.  Participants experienced the convergence of cutting edge technology in crop protection chemistry, breeding, biotechnology, digital agriculture and sustainability in full system demonstrations.  In addition, key Bayer leaders in Crop Science, as well as top producer customers were on hand to offer their perspectives on the latest technology offerings, working together to solve the challenges of sustainable food production.


See more from the event at our digital showcase.

Bayer´s Innovation Engines

When it comes to a successful farming operation, growers need new solutions to their ever-changing challenges with pests, diseases, and weeds. And at Bayer, we’re pushing the limits of what’s possible now – and for the future. See how we’re breaking away from traditional research to develop new innovations that deliver for today’s farmers, and for generations to come.


At Bayer, we're optimizing recent advancements to provide the best solutions for our growers all around the world. See how our best-in-class precision breeding process gives growers the high-quality, high-performing seeds they need in order to maximize their potential, productivity, and sustainability practices.


For conventional corn growers, high winds often mean yield loss due to devastating damage to crops, commonly known as “lodging” and “greensnap”. Bayer’s short stature corn hybrids offer more resistance to this damage, helping growers maximize yield and reduce stress. To simulate the differences between short and traditional corn, we got creative. Like, with a helicopter creative.


Presentation Materials


NA Corn

Transforming Corn Production




NA Soybeans

Next-Generation Technology in Soybeans





Enhancing Sustainability in Cotton





Advancing Wheat




LATAM soybeans

Leading in LATAM Solutions



Rodrigo Santos

Head of Crop
Science Division


Dr. Bob Reiter

Head of Research
and Development,
Crop Science


Dr. Jeremy Williams

Head of The Climate
Corporation and Digital
Farming, Crop Science


Frank Terhorst

Head of Strategy
& Sustainability,
Crop Science


Kelly Gast

Chief Financial Officer
and Head of Finance,
Crop Science

Fields of 0pportunity