Roundup™ Litigation

Statement on Cloud

On March 1,2024, Judge Vivian Medinilla ordered a mistrial in the Cloud Roundup™ product liability trial in the Superior Court of Delaware. Our statement:

“The court's decision to order a mistrial in this case reflects the plaintiff’s failure to meet their burden to prove their case. That is because the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence and the consensus assessment of regulatory bodies and their scientists worldwide supports the safety and non-carcinogenicity of Roundup™. The Company won 10 of the last 16 cases where judgments were entered at trial and has resolved the majority of claims filed in this litigation. While we have great sympathy for anyone who suffers a loss or injury, science proves that Roundup™ is not carcinogenic.”


“We continue to stand behind the safety of Roundup™ and will confidently defend the safety of our products and our good faith actions in any future litigation.”