Healthy Aging

Healthy Heart For Healthy Aging – Download The Report

An older couple smiling in the sun.

Life expectancy is increasing and there is an acceleration of global population aging. The global health community must take action to proactively address age-related diseases and prepare for the historic demographic shift that we are already witnessing. One of the biggest challenges is the rising prevalence of cardiovascular diseases which affect an ever increasing number of patients, caregivers, as well as healthcare systems and the economy.

The report Bayer published together with the Global Coalition on Aging examines cardiovascular health in the context of population aging and calls for specific policy actions to lead change through innovations in cardiovascular health in the following three areas:


  • Awareness: Education and awareness to empower healthy choices that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and related health challenges.
  • Innovation: Innovation moves primarily through incremental advances, and policy-makers must accept a research paradigm with this in mind.
  • Collaboration: Addressing the impact of cardiovascular diseases will require a wide range of actors, including government agencies, health systems, the private sector, non-profit organizations, multilateral organizations, and advocacy groups.


As we continue to see rapidly aging populations around the world, effectively tackling and managing age-related illnesses has become pivotal. Now is the opportune time to advance a healthy aging agenda for cardiovascular diseases.