Nusrat Fatima, Lady Health Worker Supervisor, Sindh Department of Health, Sindh Province, Pakistan

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Nusrat Fatima, and I am a Lady Health Supervisor in Lyari Town (Union Council 3 and 4). My center’s name is Mirabin Maternity Home, and I have 20 Lady Health Workers working under my supervision.


Was family planning a topic that was discussed when you were growing up?

Back then, subjects like Family Planning were not openly discussed in our families. We used to see these advertisements on television, or the messages would get conveyed in schools. My teachers in school used to discuss these matters superficially, but we were never engaged in in-depth conversations about Family Planning or Sexual and Reproductive Health. 


How Important do you think family planning is to you and your community, and why?

For me, Family Planning is essential because I am a working woman. In this inflation, survival with my current income has become difficult. Family Planning helps me in sustaining my income. I can support my family and children in a better way if my family size is not an overburden on me. I can support their well-being, education, and everyday needs according to my budget; hence Family planning is essential to me. We are a developing country back in Pakistan, and our resources are depleting with time. Family Planning supports our resource management and enables people to support their families according to their resources. Fewer kids mean more benefits and the smooth execution of a particular lifestyle. Family Planning is pivotal in the country’s economy and empowers people to make informed decisions about their family needs and size.


What kind of progress would you like to see in the area of family planning?

I think the majority of people in Pakistan are uneducated. Because of a lack of awareness, most people believe in myths and misconceptions, and the negative information about Family Planning spreads like wildfire. The solution is to take responsibility for generating demand for Family Planning by creating awareness amongst people. More authentic and accredited knowledge can always benefit more people in making informed decisions. 


Do you have a message or statement you would like to make for other women

My message for the women in my country is that they should not consider Family Planning as the only way to control the population. The health of a mother should be of the utmost importance and precedence. Unplanned and multiple pregnancies can lead a mother to different deficiencies and affect her child’s life mentally and physically. The most important factor is a mother’s health. Family Planning and Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy allow a mother to regain health and prepare her body for another child. Use Family Planning for health and overall well-being so a mother can give her best to her child and family.