How to Invoice Us

General Invoicing Guidelines


In order to avoid delay in payment, it is important that the invoice includes the following mandatory information:


  • The invoice must be addressed to the relevant Bayer company including the correct company name and full address. The addresses of Bayer subsidiaries are listed in the appendix.
  • The invoice must adhere to country-specific requirements predefined by legal regulations (e.g. VAT).
  • Supplier’s full name and address must be on the Invoice
  • The word “invoice” (or if a credit, the words “credit note”) must be mentioned
  • Invoice number and invoice date must be mentioned
  • Value and currency must be mentioned
  • Description of goods and services supplied should be clearly mentioned
  • Bayer PO number and PO Item number (if applicable)
  • Name and contact details of Bayer representative (For Invoice with no Purchase Order reference)
  • Any unique reference number or information requested by the Bayer representative (For Invoice with no Purchase Order reference)
  • The invoice must specify advance payments and final settlements, and always indicate already paid advance payments.


The invoice should list separately the net value of goods and services, the rate and amount of VAT, and the total/gross value of the invoice.


Please note that any invoice which does not comply with the above requirements will be returned to the supplier for resubmission. This may lead to a delay in payment.