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Mina Guli running

Australian ultra-marathon runner and environmental activist Mina Guli wants to run 200 marathons around the world until the start of the UN Water Conference in March 2023. Bayer wants to help tackle the water crisis and is joining her campaign RUN BLUE as a campaign partner. Each of us is invited to take part - and to run.

I am doing this because I believe that we can be the solution.
Mina Guli
Founder and CEO, Thirst Foundation

The water crisis

Water is life. It is essential for every living creature on Earth and the future of humankind. Often a scarce resource, it can just as easily be destructive during heavy floods. Humanity is already living beyond its means when it comes to climate and water and is not doing enough to protect either.


Some 2.2 billion people have no access to safe water today and nearly two-thirds of the total world population face severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. The amount of usable fresh water is declining, but a growing population, wasteful behavior and climate change are increasing the demand for it.

Mina Guli presents RUN BLUE

We want to counteract the water crisis

Bayer is campaign partner of the “RUN BLUE” campaign led by water advocate, adventurer and athlete Mina Guli. The campaign aims to raise awareness and highlight that we can solve the water crisis by working together.


Mina Guli will run approximately 200 marathons worldwide, beginning in Australia on World Water Day, March 22, 2022. She will run until the UN Water Decade Conference in New York City in March 2023. Mina wants to mobilize people and companies around the world and raise awareness about the critical role of water in every aspect of our lives. And she wants to show how we can take action to solve the water crisis.

Minas Run Itinerary

 World Map Minas Itinerary
The route is a preliminary plan and may change over time.

Why Bayer contributes

Our partnership with Mina Guli on RUN BLUE adds to our previous efforts according to our mission “Health for all, Hunger for none”. This commitment guides our actions to help achieve a high quality of life on a healthy planet. Accordingly, the protection of all natural resources – including water – is an integral part of Bayer’s commitment to sustainable development. We as a company want to end hunger and help people to live a healthy life. Since water is essential for that, we believe it is our responsibility to protect it.


The agricultural sector accounts for nearly 70 percent of global freshwater consumption, primarily used for irrigation. As a global leader in agricultural innovation, we see it as both an opportunity and our responsibility to partner with farmers and other stakeholders to provide the solutions needed to make farms both more water-efficient and more productive.

The water crisis in figures

Header photo: © Thirst Foundation
Photo with Mina Guli: © KelvinTrautman