Management and Governance

Stakeholder Dialogue

As a company, Bayer is part of society and of public life. Ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is therefore particularly important to us. After all, their expectations and viewpoints affect our public acceptance and thus our commercial success. This is also reflected in our “Bayer Societal Engagement (BASE) principles” published in 2019.


We wish to conduct dialogue as continuously and systematically as possible with all the relevant stakeholders (interest groups) to make the findings as fruitful as possible for our activities. Stakeholder dialogue helps us to recognize important trends and developments in society and our markets at an early stage and take this information into account when shaping our business. The integration of various stakeholder groups is planned within the scope of our stakeholder engagement process. This process also includes monitoring the results of individual dialogue measures. In strategic decision-making processes such as investment projects and launches of new products, Bayer approaches key social and political players right from the start of a new project to canvass their support. The open dialogue makes it possible to identify opportunities and risks early on. This process is in line with our Stakeholder Engagement Guideline and is supplemented by an internal information platform.


We distinguish four main stakeholder groups with which we engage in discussions on different issues in various dialogue formats.


Stakeholder Dialogue at Bayer: Our Most Important Stakeholder Groups


Our regular stakeholder activities range from dialogue at local, national and international level and active involvement in committees and specialist workshops all the way through to comprehensive information programs, issue-related multi-stakeholder events and participation in international initiatives and collaborations. We always focus on a fact-based dialogue.


More insights into our engagement with respect to our most important stakeholder groups can be found in our latest Sustainability Report.