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Bayer Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy demonstrates Bayer’s strong commitment to sustainability. It outlines the critical role of sustainability for Bayer as well as clear standards, roles & responsibilities in sustainability management.

Bayer aspires to be an impact generator for sustainability that helps people and planet thrive through its businesses. By addressing critical sustainability challenges in the areas of health and nutrition, Bayer creates new business opportunities and ensures the sustainable growth of the company. This approach is very different from traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches that typically do not affect the core business but focus on public relations or charity.

Sustainability is integral to our mission, values, strategy and operations. It is embedded in our business strategies and our way of doing business. Therefore, it covers Bayer’s entire value chain including sourcing, own operations, and products and services sold. We apply responsible business practices along our entire value chain.

Sustainability is a key lever for our mission “Health for all, Hunger for none”. Our sustainability ambitions include the following core elements: We promote inclusive growth and a sustainable use of resources to help people and planet thrive. Sustainability and financial performance go hand in hand.