Bayer's Efforts in Ukraine

Bayer headquarters peace symbol

Bayer is committed to Ukraine. We have provided agriculture and healthcare products since 1992 and have more than 700 colleagues in the country.

  • From the outset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have utterly condemned this brutal aggression against a sovereign country. We stand by the people of Ukraine who can fully count on our solidarity and support.
  • We’re fully committed to Ukraine´s future through investing in the country and support President Zelensky’s rebuilding plan – called United24.
  • We will continue to prioritize the safety of our 700 colleagues in Ukraine and will continue to support them.

Most Recent Activity

  • Bayer awarded "Best Investment in Innovations" by UkraineInvest: The award was received by Oliver Gierlichs, Ukraine SBR, during the "FIT for Ukraine: Annual Meeting" at the international exhibition and conference "ReBuild Ukraine powered by Energy" held in Warsaw on November 14-15. During the award ceremony, Oliver Gierlichs stated that: “The award from UkraineInvest is a recognition of our efforts, and it emphasizes the ongoing importance of our role in making a positive impact in the country.”
  • The plant fire brigade at the Bergkamen site is handing over two used vehicles from its own stock to the Blau-Gelben Kreuz e.V. "The two fire engines are urgently needed in Ukraine. The constant rocket attacks are destroying the infrastructure. This generous donation will help combat the consequences [of that destruction] and save many people," said Lina Mai, Chairperson of the Board of the Blue-Yellow Cross e.V., on the occasion of the handover of the vehicles on 13 October 2023.
  • In September of 2023, the Ukrainian football club FC Dynamo Kyiv and Bayer signed a partnership and cooperation agreement which covers Dynamo performances at the level of the Ukrainian Premier League and the activities of Dynamo Kids children’s football schools. “This club is known for its successful history, numerous victories in Ukraine and abroad, and legendary players. This partnership opens up new opportunities for us and will allow our company to make a significant contribution into the development of sports in the country and support of the health of Ukrainians”, said Khachatur Abroyan, Commercial Director of the over-the-counter medicines Division of Bayer LLC. The interaction will be supported by the Bayer trademarks “Theraflex” and “Supradyn”.
  • The site fire department at Bayer’s Berlin site is providing the "Ambulance for Kids gUG" organization with a vehicle to help with evacuation or transport of children in need in Ukraine. It is to be used both as a recovery vehicle and as an escort for ambulances.Additionally, the vehicle provides space for medical personnel and parents. In additional, Bayer plans to hand over an three additional vehicles and a mobile crane to other NGOs.
  • As part of USAID’s AGRI-Ukraine program, $15.5 million USD investment in Ukraine for innovative technology, new donation of high-quality seeds, and a farmer safety campaign. 


Supporting the people of Ukraine through investments in agriculture, health and humanitarian aid 


  • To cover the corn seed demand in Ukraine and beyond, Bayer will invest a total of 60 million euros in its corn seed production facility Pochuiky. This investment includes a new seed dryer, a sustainable energy supply plant, state-of-the-art agricultural field equipment, storage facilities and the construction of two bomb shelters to ensure the safety of the Ukrainian colleagues who have been operating the facility and executing this investment project under very difficult circumstances.
  • Bayer supports the humanitarian non-profit organization “Fondation suisse de déminage” (FSD) in their mission to demine land that was contaminated by mines and unexploded devices since the onset of the war in Ukraine. Bayer is making a donation of 825,000 euros will be dedicated to purchasing a large-size mechanical mine clearance machine. The machine is able to process large areas of land such as farmland and will allow farmers to grow food safely.
  • In addition to the seeds and agricultural inputs that the team in Ukraine supplied and continues to supply to farmers, Bayer has donated more than 65,000 bags of seeds to grow food on nearly 45,000 hectares. The seeds will support 2,230 farmers in Ukraine, particularly those with small farms, who had difficulty in accessing input for the 2022 growing season.


  • Bayer also continues to support Ukraine in the areas of health, education and humanitarian relief. We have donated a total of over 10 million euros so far. This includes establishing a disaster relief fund and product donations, including antibiotics and oncology therapeutics. We will also support the rebuilding of Ukraine´s hospital and public health infrastructure.
  • Bayer has donated 1.3 million euros to the UNITED24 fundraising platform. The donated amount will support two projects equally. Bayer will provide financial aid to restore the infrastructure of the Chernihiv Medical Center of Modern Oncology. We will also help the Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery purchase medical equipment for high-tech neurosurgical interventions and support complete patient rehabilitation.

Humanitarian Aid

  • Bayer employees donated more than 1 million euros through a Red Cross relief campaign, which Bayer has matched. The matching supports the procurement of several ambulances and defibrillators for Ukraine and the set-up of a mobile medical aid center serving Ukrainian refugees in Poland. 
  • In partnership with the organization Blau-Gelbes Kreuz eV, six German sites in Leverkusen, Berlin, Wuppertal, Bergkamen, Dormagen, and Monheim mobilized 19 trucks carrying supplies for drinking water and water processing, firefighting and medical support. These resources were dispatched in response to the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam and the devastating impact it has had on the region surrounding the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson.
  • Furthermore, Bayer country organizations and employee-led initiatives have organized local volunteering campaigns. One example is the commitment of the team from Bayer Gastronomy, which converted the "Seminar- & Tagungshotel Große Ledder" training center in Wermelskirchen near the Bayer headquarters in Leverkusen into a shelter. 30 Ukrainians find a temporary home there. Bayer volunteers are supporting the refugees and assist them in administrative issues.

We continue to prioritize the safety of our 700 colleagues in Ukraine

  • Throughout the crisis, we’ve continued to pay our employees their full salary and are supporting them with additional benefits 
  • We remain in close communication with our employees and are doing whatever we can to ensure their safety

Stopping all non-essential business in Russia and Belarus, while ensuring continued access to health and agriculture products

As a direct response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Bayer stopped all spending in Russia and Belarus that is not related to supplying essential products in health and agriculture. This means we have stopped:

  • Delivering non-essential products
  • All advertising and other promotional activities
  • Capital investments indefinitely
  • Pursuing any new business opportunities in those countries.

We have also heard voices calling for a complete stop of delivery of all our products to Russia and Belarus. We understand these concerns as the war raises moral and ethical issues for every company.

Our position is clear – this war, initiated by Russia, is taking too many lives every day. As a Life Science company, we have an ethical obligation – in every country we operate in. Withholding essential healthcare and agriculture products from the civilian populations – like cancer or cardiovascular treatments, health products for pregnant women and children as well as seeds to grow food – would only multiply the war’s ongoing toll on human life.

Bayer is fully committed to helping prevent what could become an unprecedented food crisis. We share the view of the UN that global access to Ukraine’s food products and Russian food and fertilizers is essential to alleviate pressure on the global food system. In line with this, we have decided to continue supplying Russian farmers with essential agricultural products to ensure they can contribute to fulfilling the global demand. At the same time, we hope the Russian government continues to safeguard the free flow of agricultural products and never again use food as a means of pressuring the world.

Through our commitments, we act in the spirit of the UN, the G7 and the European Union calling for ensuring global food supply and access to healthcare.


These are difficult times that put us to the test, both, emotionally and ethically. At Bayer, we do everything in our power to live up to our responsibility to reduce the suffering caused by this terrible war. This is what our vision “Health for all, Hunger for none” calls for.


The situation remains volatile, and we will continue to monitor developments and evolve or adjust our response as necessary. As we do so, we stand with all those calling for an immediate end to this war, and we hope and pray for peace to return to Ukraine – and our world.