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Bayer as an Employer of Choice

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At Bayer, our passion for innovation drives us to be an employer of choice across Saudi Arabia’s health industries. We understand that employees demand more of their careers today than ever before, and we want to create meaningful career opportunities for Saudi nationals to support the advancement of this dynamic nation. Apply for a role at Bayer or continue reading to learn why you should apply to join the team at Bayer.

At Bayer, we want to provide those with a passion for innovation with the opportunity to make their world-changing ideas reality.


Our objectives and principles are guided by our values of LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency. We foster a culture of innovation where our global team of experts put their passion into practice, with a dialogue-oriented workplace based on trust, respect for inclusion and diversity, and equal opportunity. Our employees are encouraged to offer suggestions and feedback for improvements and innovations in the workplace. Trust and transparency are key, which means we are accountable for our actions and results, both success and failure. We give clear and candid feedback and manage any conflict constructively. At Bayer, our structured working systems ensure a transparent and equitable compensation system, flexible working arrangements and a professional environment that fosters health and well-being for all our employees.


We work effectively and with impact by embracing four focus behaviours - collaboration, customer focus, trust and experimentation - to advance life for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for the good of the global community.


Culture at Bayer

  • Bayer’s success as an employer of choice stems from our dynamic culture, which combines a focus on personal performance and development with a strong sense of social responsibility.
  • We are driven by our LIFE values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.
  • We actively support lifelong learning, with the aim to empower all employees to broaden their knowledge and skills, keep up with industry innovations, and future-proof their careers.
  • We nurture a culture of trust and transparency within the workplace.
  • We value and promote inclusion and diversity across all aspects of our business. 


Meet Hussein, Hesham and Afraa from the Team at Bayer


For prospective employees, it is always helpful to gain insights from current leaders and team members. Here, Hussein El Hakim Managing Director for Bayer in Saudi Arabia and Country Divisional Head for our Pharmaceutical division and Hesham Al Khouly, Country Commercial Lead for our Consumer Health division offer their perspectives of how joining the Bayer family in Saudi Arabia has helped them develop their careers and impact the local and global community.


Women make up
of the Bayer
workforce in Saudi

Hesham Al Khouly is the Country Commercial Lead in for Bayer’s Consumer Health division and has worked at Bayer for six years. For Hesham, the recruitment process is about more than qualifications. “it’s important to be certified and competent, but your character matters just as much. Bayer is looking to recruit team members that are enthusiastic, disciplined and committed to their own professional development. Skills can be taught, but the right values must be in place.”

“We also want to nurture talent in the long term - Bayer is a place where you can grow your career and truly rise through the ranks to reach your full potential.”


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Hussein El Hakim, Managing Director and Country Divisional Head for Bayer’s Pharmaceutical division has worked at Bayer for three years, and has seen tremendous positive change during that time. He is passionate about Bayer’s commitment to innovation and drive to create meaningful careers for Saudi nationals.


Q&A with Hussein El Hakim

How is Bayer aligned with Saudi Arabia’s vision for growth and development?
The pharmaceutical business, with Bayer at the forefront, is integral to Saudi Arabia’s transition from oil to a knowledge-based economy. Pharmaceuticals are also integral to manufacturing and developing the capabilities and skills of the workforce.


What changes have you seen since you started at Bayer?
The development of a highly skilled Saudi workforce within this global company is a core value driver for Bayer. When I first joined the company, 7% of the workforce was from Saudi Arabia, compared to 49% at the close of 2019. That’s an incredible, tangible transformation.


What differentiates Bayer as an employer of choice?
The culture at Bayer is excellent. There is a lot of support for professional growth, which in turn is driven by our LIFE values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

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Proudly Bayer

Bayer employees have expressed their pride at working within an organisation dedicated to advancing life on both a local and global scale. Bayer develops talent and innovation, and fosters a supportive, inclusive environment. Bayer has a strong commitment to gender equality and lives its values in this respect. Currently, women make up 26.5% of the Bayer workforce in Saudi Arabia and we also have an all-female healthcare team. Bayer is the perfect company for any Saudi female graduate entering the workforce.



Q&A with Afraa Alshauibi

How did your Bayer journey begin?
I joined the company just over a year ago after applying for the role directly on LinkedIn. I had wanted to join Bayer for a long time, as a global industry leader and an established, respected brand in Saudi Arabia. It was like a dream coming true when I was invited to join the team. From day one, I set a career growth plan with my manager, so I know I’m on a positive forward track.


What is the culture like at Bayer?
It’s an incredibly diverse and supportive culture. People share meals, go for coffee and celebrate milestones and achievements together. You really feel like you’re part of a family - the ‘Bayer family’.


Tell us about your experience as a woman in the workplace.
Bayer is a very positive place to work as a woman, especially as a mother. The culture is amazing, very diverse and family oriented. I feel very supported by their flexible approach - I can work from home when I need to or can be with my daughter if she’s sick or has something on at school. With the other women in my office, we have a great support network.