Bayer Lifescience CenterA New Approach to Breakthrough Solutions

This new unit of Bayer focuses entirely on the development of ultimate breakthroughs across species by creating a novel platform that allows technology combination and know-how amplification. The Bayer Lifescience Center is headed by Dr. rer. nat. Axel Bouchon, immunology and neurology. Currently, 17 employees are working within the core team, which is located in Berlin. It is planned to expand to Boston and Beijing.

We Face Unprecedented Challenges

The Problem

A combination of new cutting-edge technologies is necessary to meet these challenges but is blocked by a scattered IP landscape and missing regulatory incentives to develop disruptive ideas.

Tackle ten fundamental breakthroughs across species:



  • Cure rare blood disorders
  • Cure monogenic blindness
  • Cure congenital heart disease
  • Scar-less cardiac healing
  • Retina regeneration
  • Plaque-eating macrophages


  • Fast animals vaccines


  • High speed crop breeding
  • Non-toxic Insecticides
  • Soil and root health

How do We Do it?

Equity-investments in early R&D technologies and active participation in company building and IP creation. Bayer provides its own IP and know-how in order to allow for necessary technology combinations.

Graphic: 10 Breakthroughs


Dr. Axel Bouchon, Head of Bayer Lifescience Center

Dr. Axel Bouchon
51368 Leverkusen, Germany



Dr. Axel Bouchon has been a member of the Bayer R&D Executive Committee and Head of the Bayer Lifescience Center since January 1, 2015.

Axel Bouchon was born in Reutlingen / Germany on March 28, 1973. In 1998, he received his degree in biochemistry, organic chemistry and immunology from Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen / Germany. He wrote his diploma thesis at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg and earned his doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) from Tübingen in 2002 with a dissertation that he executed at the Basel Institute for Immunology of Roche AG.

Bouchon commenced his professional career at Cytos Biotechnology AG in Zurich. In 2002, he transferred to Bayer AG as a laboratory manager at the Pharmaceutical Research Center in Wuppertal. This was followed by a variety of managerial functions with increasing responsibility, such as providing support for the Bayer CropScience Executive Council after the acquisition of Aventis CropScience, and working in portfolio and strategic alignment for the Pharmaceuticals business area during the Bayer/Schering integration. From 2007, he was active in Mergers & Acquisitions for Bayer HealthCare's Pharmaceuticals Division. In 2010 he moved to Asia where he headed the Pharmaceuticals business in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. In 2012, Axel Bouchon returned to Germany where he was responsible for the strategy of the Bayer HealthCare subgroup covering pharmaceuticals, consumer and animal health products and medical devices.

In 2013 Bouchon joined Moderna Therapeutics Inc. in Cambridge, MA as Senior Vice President and a member of the Executive Committee concerned with the initiation of new business ventures. In that role he founded, financed and managed start-up companies concentrating on human, animal and plant diseases based on the Moderna technology platform.

Axel Bouchon returned to Bayer on January 1, 2015 to design, build and run the Bayer Lifescience Center, a new R&D unit of Bayer focusing on new, cross-divisional technologies with fundamental breakthrough potential.