Join the International Future Leadership Program and become a dynamic business and people leader. Gain hands-on experience in supply chain, production, engineering, and more through rotations across different Bayer locations. Build a global, interdisciplinary network and enhance your intercultural skills. Receive support throughout the program by: 


  • Individual mentoring by an experienced Bayer manager
  • On-site coaching and training at the respective locations
  • Active trainee and alumni community


Duration: 24 months; Start: from January 2024; Contract: permanent


Production sites across Germany or the U.S.


approx. 3–6-month assignments at diverse Bayer locations in your home country and around the world.

Explore different departments that match your major/degree, personal skills, and career aspirations in areas such as

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient production
  • Solid, semi-solid, liquid and packaging operations
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering (project management, maintenance, etc.)
  • Supply chain management


and directly contribute to Bayer's mission of Health for all, hunger for None

International Future Leadership Program
  • Nurturing a leadership mindset and gaining practical experience
  • Cultivating a strategic mindset for effective decision-making
  • Expanding your technical abilities to deliver tangible results
  • Integrating the LIFE values into everything you do

Your tasks as a Trainee will be to deliver results to the business in range of challenging environments. You'll work on focused projects spanning different scopes, functions, and divisions, while also providing support to local units. Each assignment will have specific business and learning goals, allowing you to develop a wide range of operational, technical, conceptual, and strategic skills. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to gain experience in supporting functions like quality assurance and control, development, external manufacturing, and operational excellence, and digitalisation. Get ready to broaden your horizons and make a meaningful impact.

  • A strategic thinker, demonstrating responsibility, flexibility, and openness to new opportunities.
  • Passionate about Operations and building a career as a leader in Product Supply organizations.
  • Committed to fostering partnerships, collaborating across cultures, and achieving common goals.
  • Have the willingness to relocate internationally.
  • Possess initial work experience, such as relevant internships.
  • Bring international and intercultural experience (studies or internships abroad)
  • Showcase excellent communication skills, fluency in English, and basic (A2) German for those based in Germany. Proficiency in an additional language is a plus.
  • Seeking positions in Germany or the U.S.
  • Hold a Master's degree or PhD with outstanding grades.
  • Have a background in natural sciences, pharmacy, engineering, technology, supply chain, or a related field.

Our benefits package is flexible, appreciative, and tailored to your lifestyle, because: What matters to you, matters to us!

  • We offer you job security from day 1 with a permanent contract as a salaried employee
  • We ensure your financial stability through a competitive compensation package, consisting of an attractive base pay and our annual bonus
  • Depending on the nature of your assignment, flexible work arrangements, such as hybrid working models, can be made in alignment with your manager
  • We support your professional growth by providing access to learning and development opportunities, training programs through the Bayer Learning Academy, development dialogues, as well as coaching and mentoring programs.
  • We embrace diversity by providing an inclusive work environment in which you are welcomed, supported, and encouraged to bring your whole self to work.
  1. HR interview
  2. Get-to-know with two Bayer managers
  3. Assessment Center (virtual)


If you successfully pass the Assessment Center, the following steps will follow:


  1. You will immediately receive the contract documents.
  2. You will be assigned to one of our coaches who will support and guide you throughout the program.
  3. We will discuss and agree upon your home base production site, either within Germany or the U.S. (subject to eligibility for work permit).
  4. The announcement of your first assignment, usually at your home base, along with the duration of your stay.
  5. You will participate in the Bayer onboarding week(s), where you will be accompanied by active trainees and have a personal trainee buddy to assist you.
  6. Start dates for the program will be available from January 2024.


To apply for the program, please follow these steps:


  1. Prepare your cover letter, introducing yourself and highlighting your motivation.
  2. Update your CV, showcasing your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications.
  3. Collect any references or recommendations that support your application.
  4. Submit your online application, including the cover letter, CV, and references, by 31.08.2023
  5. Use the Bayer job portal for a seamless application process.

We are eagerly awaiting your application to join us on this incredible journey. We plan to start the next application process in April 2024. We understand the significance of your first job, and at Bayer, we firmly believe that it is the perfect choice for you. We have faith in our people and our mission. Together, let's embark on this adventure and invite you to Be Bayer.

Klara Kulenkampff
The trainee program allows me to learn skills to contribute to one of the biggest challenges in cell and gene therapies: The standardized and automated production of these complex therapies to make them available to as many patients as possible.
Klara Kulenkampff