Advancing Innovation across the Company

Our Innovation Approach

Researcher pipetting solution

Our broad approach to driving life sciences innovation is rooted in our in-house research & development and includes our own research and development skills complemented by various open innovation initiatives and collaborations.

R&D activities

The focus of the research projects is determined by the R&D strategies of our divisions which tackle the overarching subjects of health and agriculture segments.

€5,835 million

R&D expenses in 2023

Our R&D activities of the divisions are internally accompanied by engineering and technology teams which provide technological support in the form of best-in-class solutions. In doing so, we explore pioneering processes and technologies together with research, development, and manufacturing.


Bayer employees in our R&D network in 2023

With our Life Sciences Collaboration Program, Bayer's internal inter-disciplinary R&D innovation fund, we seek to harness the diversity and bottom-up creativity of all Bayer scientists to advance novel technology ideas across all R&D functions. The program also supports various cross-divisional scientific communities to encourage co-creation and scientific exchange.